June 12 - Not Uber Elvis FTD Releases

The Follow That Dream collectors label announced their June 2017 releases. A single CD of the 'Roustabout' soundtrack in the Classic Album series, 'Start Spreading The News - Elvis At Madison Square Garden' book and CD, a 2 LP Limited Edition of 'Too Much Monkey Business'.

The label also announced that the following titles will be deleted Dixieland Rocks / Spring Tours / Summer Festival / Unchained Melody / I'll Remember You / Dixieland Delight / Showtime / From Hawaii To Las Vegas.

Details Roustabout Classic Album Edition:

Album Sales Tips From RCA Victor (Special album release for November 1964)  
We’ve had original soundtrack recordings by Elvis in the past and we needn’t dwell on their great success, but the new “Roustabout” album is undoubtedly on of the finest we’ve had! “It’s A Wonderful World” and “Big Love Big Heartache” are delivered smoothly to a smooth Latin-flavored accompaniment. Moist of the tunes however, are the hard-rocker variety, especially “Hard Knocks and “There’s A Brand New Day On The Horizon.” For a special gas, check out the lyrics on “Little Egypt” and “Poison Ivy League.” We’ve got great music, a great cover, the movie tie-in, advertising and promotion support.  

53 years later, FTD is pleased to announce the long awaited “Classic Album” version of “Roustabout”. Reaching #1 on Billboard in February 1965, it would Elvis’ last chart topping album until “Aloha From Elvis Via Satellite” in 1973. Packaged in 7” format with a full color 16-page memorabilia booklet, it contains previously unreleased material and the recently discovered “I’m A Roustabout” track.    

The Original Album
01  Roustabout  2:01
02  Little Egypt  2:21
03  Poison Ivy League  2:05
04  Hard Knocks  1:45  
05  it’s A Wonderful World  1:51
06  Big Love Big Heartache  2:03  
07  One Track Heart  2:18
08  It’s Carnival Time  1:36
09  Carny Town  1:13
10  There’s A Brand New Day On The Horizon  2:03
11  Wheels On My Heels  1:25  

Bonus track
12  I’m A Roustabout  (take 10/M)  2:13  

Outtakes and remixed masters
13  Little Egypt (AO take 15/M, record version) 2:33
14  Little Egypt (revised, AO take 21, part used for movie version) 2:52
15  Poison Ivy League (BO take 7/M) 2:19
16  Hard Knocks (CO take 11/M, record version) 1:53
17  Hard Knocks (COV take 4, movie version)* 1:55
18  Its A Wonderful World (DO take 13/M)  2:07
19  Its A Wonderful World (DO take 17, instrumental)* 2:02
20  Big Love Big Heartache (EO take 17/M) 2:17
21  One Track Heart (FO take 5/M) 2:26
22  It’s Carnival Time (HO take 2/HOV take 9/M, record version) 1:50
23  It’s Carnival Time (HO take 2/HOV take 12, movie version)* 1:45
24  Carny Town (JO take 9/M) 1:29
25  There’s A Brand New Day On The Horizon  (KO take 5/M) 2:13
26  Wheels On My Heels  (LO take 7/M) 1:28
27  Roustabout (NOV takes 1-5*, 6) 7:21
28  Roustabout (NOV takes 7*, 8) 3:00
29  Roustabout (NOV take 9, movie version)* 2:14
30  Roustabout (NOV takes 10-12)* 4:47
31  Roustabout (NOV take 13)* 2:10
32  Roustabout (NOV takes 14-16)* 2:58
33  Roustabout (NOV take 17/M, record version) 2:15  
* previously unreleased

Details 'Start Spreading The News - Elvis At Madison Square Garden', book and CD. The Ultimate book about Elvis’ appearances in the Big Apple, June 1972. comes with a CD of the concert on June 9.

1) Also Sprach Zarathustra 0:47 2) That's All Right 2:15 3) Proud Mary 2:39 4) Never Been To Spain 3:43 5) Until It's Time For You To Go 2:36 6) You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 2:02 7) You've Lost That Loving Feeling 4:16 8) Polk Salad Annie 3:05 9) Love Me1:37 10) All Shook Up 1:08 11) Heartbreak Hotel 1:42 12) Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel 1:56 13) Love Me Tender 1:46 14) Blue Suede Shoes 1:29 15) Hound Dog 2:05 16) Bridge Over Troubled Water 4:10 17) Suspicious Minds 4:50 18) Introductions by Elvis 1:19 19) For The Good Times 3:08 20) American Trilogy 4:45 21) Funny How Times Slips Away2:49 22) Can't Help Falling In Love 1:40 23) Closing Vamp 1:23 (an audience recording).

Details Too Much Monkey Business, 2 LP Limited Edition:

Based on the original 1981 “Guitar Man” album, FTD Vinyl’s new release contains all the tracks featured on the FTD CD release from 2000. The 2-LP features full overdub session data insert. Pressed on 180 Gram heavyweight vinyl, it’s availability is strictly limited as all previous releases.    

Side 1: 01) If You Talk In Your Sleep 2:32 02) Just Call Me Lonesome 2:04 03) I’ll Be There 3:04 04) Too Much Monkey Business 2:50  05) After Loving You 3:20 06) You Asked Me To 2:58  

Side 2: 01) Faded Love 2:52 02) Clean Up Your Own Backyard 3:08 03) Lovin’ Arms 2:53 04) Guitar Man 2:50 05) Kentucky Rain 3:19 08) In The Ghetto 2:48  

Side 3: 01) Burning Love 2:57 02) I’ll Hold You In My Heart 3:39 03) Only The Strong Survive 3:12 04) She Thinks I Still Care 3:36 05) Long Black Limousine 3:45  

Side 4: 01) I’m Movin On 2:47 02) Hey Jude 4:06 03) Blue Suede Shoes 3:07  
Bonus songs: 04) Paralyzed* 2:24 05) The Elvis Medley + 3:59, Jailhouse Rock - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear), Hound Dog - Don’t Be Cruel, Burning Love - Suspicious Minds 06) Wear My Ring Around Your Neck* 2:16  *Taken from the album “I Was The One,” 1983. + Taken from the album “The Elvis Medley, “ 1982.

The 50 Greatest Concerts of the Last 50 Years

Rolling Stone magazine listed the 50 greatest concerts of the last 50 years. The list below was born out of some pretty serious arguments. Was Bruce Springsteen better in 1975 or 1978? When did Kanye hit his stride? Which was more awesome, "The Joshua Tree" or "Zoo TV"? The concerts and tours that made the final cut weren't just huge spectacles, they deepened the power of rock & roll itself – from Neil Young thrashing out 20-minute jams with Crazy Horse to BeyoncĂ© turning stadium glitz into a personal outpouring. "You're almost levitating on the energy from the audience," says Keith Richards. "And I miss it when I'm not doing it." Here are the people who've done it best.

The top 3:
1. The Jimi Hendrix Experience Worldwide Tour (1967)
2. James Brown at Boston Garden (April 5th, 1968)
3. Big Brother and the Holding Company American Tour (1968)
4. Elvis Comeback Special (Aired December 3rd, 1968)

"Elvis was hardly ever nervous," says drummer D.J. Fontana, remembering the NBC special that relaunched Presley's career after years in Hollywood. "But he was then." The highlight: an intimate sit-down set with his band, Fontana and guitarist Scotty Moore, that was almost like catching Elvis at the Louisiana Hayride back in 1954. "Performing with Elvis was amazing," remembers Darlene Love, who sang backup for Presley on the show, "because we didn't really know what to expect from him." K.G.

>> Visit Rolling Stone for the complete list.

Effortless Night

The song 'You're The Boss' by Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret is featured in the latest television commercial for the UBER 'taxi' company entitled 'Effortless Night'. In the clip you follow Miles and Grace as they journey effortlessly across their city, on a night that could take them anywhere.

Sad related news is that actor Roger Smith, Ann Magret's husband, has died on June 5, 2017. He was 84. Roger Smith brought glamour to the TV detective genre as a hip private eye on "77 Sunset Strip". The actor died at a Los Angeles hospital after battling a terminal illness. Smith had battled the nerve disease myasthenia gravis for many years.

(Source: FECC / YouTube / Rolling Stone Magazine / Follow That Dream)

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