July 25 - Auction Previews Elvis Loved

Due for release on DVD in France on September 9, 2017  is a Special Edition of the movie "Charro".

The Songs He Loved
Due from the Entertainment label on September 08, 2017 is the 3 CD set 'The Songs He Loved'. 

While Elvis was never known as a songwriter - despite the odd, rather dubious credit in that regard - he was perhaps the finest interpreter of popular song to have emerged during the rock age, and his choice of material was never less than commendable. These factors have conspired in the release of this fascinating 3 CD boxed set. Featuring original versions of numbers which The King took to the top of the chart, and including too tracks and artists that he was most influenced by when creating his unique style, this collection is both a valuable display of such material and a wholly enjoyable listening experience in its own right. 

Containing as bonus cuts songs written and performed in tribute to the musical giant that was Elvis Aaron Presley, this collection documents perfectly two sides of the great man's skill: his huge, sponge-like talent to learn from and be informed by the finest creators of music, alongside his seemingly effortless ability to influence others.

August Graceland Auction

Graceland Auctions will once more host a robust auction event during this very special 40th anniversary Elvis Week. 

The auction includes a wide and diverse range of artifacts from an extraordinary stage-worn jumpsuit along with more concert and personally-owned and worn clothing to jewelry, advertising materials, awards and movie memorabilia. 

This is their largest and most all-encompassing auction yet, with something for every budget and every collector. 

Auction highlights include:
  1. Elvis Presley Owned and Stage-Worn Sleeveless Jumpsuit and Jacket Made by I.C. Costume Co. - From the 1999 Graceland Archives Auction (C36A), Estimate $200,000-250,000
  2. Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Gold and Diamond Ram’s Head Necklace, Estimate $100,000-150,000
  3. 1973 Elvis Presley Stage Worn Cape with Tiger Skin Pattern on the Interior, Estimate $70,000-100,000
  4. Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Brown Velvet Jacket, Pants and Cape Ensemble Made by I.C. Costume Co. – From the 1999 Graceland Archives Auction (C44A), Estimate $70,000-80,000
  5. November 6, 1954, Louisiana Hayride Contract Signed by Elvis Presley, Gladys Presley and Vernon Presley as well as Scotty Moore and Bill Black,  Estimate $30,000-50,000
  6. Elvis Presley’s TCB Necklace Taken off His Neck and Gifted to His Personal Hairdresser Larry Geller, Estimate $30,000-50,000
  7. The Bible Used by Rex Humbard to Officiate Elvis Presley’s Funeral and the Handwritten Notes Dictated by J.D. Sumner Outlining Elvis’ Funeral Service,  Estimate $30,000-40,000
  8. March 26, 1956, Elvis Presley Signed Contract Solidifying Colonel Parker as His Exclusive Management - One of the Most Famous Contracts in All of Popular Culture!  Estimate $30,000-35,000
  9. Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Gold and Diamond Guitar Ring with “EP” Initials Gifted to Charlie Hodge, Estimate $20,000-30,000
  10. Historic January 25, 1956, Elvis Presley First Signed Document as an Adult - Certifying Earlier Agreements with Colonel Parker,  Estimate $20,000-25,000
  11. Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Red “Elephant Corduroy” Suit Made by I.C. Costume Co., Estimate $60,000-70,000
  12. Additional highlights include artifacts from the Estate of Scotty Moore and from the Trude Forsher Archive.
Strictly Elvis Previews

Piers Beagly from the Elvis Information Network website did an interview with Keith Alverson who's pictures of Elvis Presley will be published in the upcoming book "Strictly Elvis : 1973-1974-1975". A cooperation by the photographer and Erik Lorentzen and part one of a two volumes set. Here are a few previews for the book from the interview, which can can read >>> here while watching some more previews.

(Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Elvis Information Network / Amazon)

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