August 02 - Elvis News (Weekly)

A nice posting on the website, bringing back some good memories. Thanks editors, it was fun while it lasted. 

At the end of this month it was 20 years ago that two guys in a garage, oh, no, that is another story, in The Hague, The Netherlands, of all places, decided to start a new Elvis-website. The Elvis Telegraph was born late August 1999 and after a few weeks it was changed to It changed from a weekly magazine into a daily one at the start of this century. Help from all over the world made it possible to evolve into one of the ‘Elvis institutions’ on the interweb. 

Almost a decade ago one of the guys decided to go his own way and was replaced by the wife of the other. She was doing a lot of maintenance (read: moderating) anyway. It's not daily anymore, but there is still a reason to exist for us. Elvis hits the news regularly and there are still interesting releases to announce. Most of all: we still feel the appreciation by you, our visitor.”
Also read two older ElvisNews post celebrating previous anniversaries. It nicely shows with which intentions the site started and how much has “Elvis online” changed the past 20 years. >>> ElvisNews 5 years old and >>> ElvisNews 10 years old.

And yes, I was that guy that decided to go his own way :-) Hard to believe I’ve been blogging on an almost daily basis on the latest Elvis news for nearly twenty years; at first ten years on and the last ten years on Let’s see what the next ten years bring.

UK Weekly News

The UK Weekly News magazine features Elvis Presley on the cover and an interview with Priscilla Presley inside. 
(Source: Elvis Club Berlin / ElvisNews)