Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25 - Hip-Shakin Exhibit Now Open

EPE announced the opening of a new exhibit. Experience the power of Elvis Presley's impact on the media in the Elvis! His Groundbreaking, Hip-Shaking, Newsmaking Story, now open in the Sincerely Elvis museum. This exhibit explores how Elvis' music and physicality pushed the boundaries of free expression at a time when America was experiencing deep generational shifts.

The exhibit is one of three new exhibits debuting at Graceland this year. Last week, The Roots of Elvis Exhibit opened as part of the Graceland VIP tour. Sponsored by the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau, this exhibit tells the story of Elvis' early years and the influences that shaped him as a person and music legend. In January, the Elvis in 1956 Interactive Timeline was unveiled in the Graceland Trophy Building. It celebrates the year Elvis Presley catapulted from anonymity to superstardom with his first RCA single and national hit, "Heartbreak Hotel," his first album, "Elvis Presley," his first movie, "Love Me Tender," and his first television appearances.

The #1 Elvis Article From Shop Elvis

Not the "Viva Elvis - The Album" or ELV1S 30#1 Hits" compilations or anything that features Elvis Presley, the singer, entertainer, showman or anything else that made him the worlds greatest ever entertainer is the top sellinng item in EPE's Shop Elvis.

The #1 best selling item on Shop Elvis, and has been the top selling item for the past few months is  The jumpsuit Elvis Potato Head and according to the latest Graceland Beat Podcast, the folks at EPE are proud of the fact! Long live the King of the pre-school toys.

Movie Hits

The 3CD compilation "Movie Hits" was released on the Not Now budget label. 

Elvis Presley

The Dutch Disky label released the 20 songs compilation simply entitled "Elvis Presley". 

Bruce Jackson Memorial Service in Sydney
There was a Bruce Jackson Memorial Service at the Sydney Opera House Friday, February 25, EIN contributor Geoffrey McDonnell was there and conveyed the emotion of the event.

Bruce Jackson - "Bruce the Goose" as Elvis called him - was one of the legends of the live sound business in both Australia and worldwide - he worked for Elvis for six years.

Bruce Jackson initial start was creating one of the largest audio businesses in Australia before moving to the USA and becoming the Sound Engineer for Elvis Presley. He started to work for Elvis in 1971 when he was only in his early twenties continuing through to Elvis’ final concert.

Towards the very end of Elvis’ last ever concert on June 26th 1977, Elvis thanked Bruce personally, 'I would like to thank my sound engineer Bruce Jackson from Australia'…

The Bruce Jackson Memorial Service was a 90 minute memorial service. It was extremely moving and when heavy weights like Roy Claire made speeches you just knew the significance of the man!

Bruce Springsteen made a nice video presentation and so did 'U2' and I remember particularly the excellent speech by his nephew, daughters & Opera House sound man as being phenomenal.

The memorial featured a string orchestra classical piece heard via a Bruce Jackson installed sound system the sound was superb. Of course the Bruce "Elvis Birthday greetings" from June 3rd 1976 were heard too.

(Source: EPE / Elvis-Express / The King's World / EP Gesellschaft / Elvis Information Network)