Monday, February 06, 2012

February 06 - The Coolest Cover Art, Book And CD Releases

Elvis Presley is still making his mark 56 years after his first album changed the face of music. "Elvis Presley" the album was recently featured in the's 50 Coolest Albums of All Time. Elvis' debut album tops the list with the website taking note of classic hits such as "Blue Suede Shoes" and calling his album cover "iconic." Shortlist refers to John Lennon's quote - "Before Elvis there was nothing," describing "the boy from Tupelo, MS" as a catalyst for rock 'n' roll. 
Among other music legends such as the Beatles and Frank Sinatra, "Elvis Presley" landed a spot on the list for being an album filled with a "heady rush" and "seminal" music. describes the list of game changers as, "your record collection is seriously lacking in kudos without these 50 records." "Elvis Presley" the album was released in 1956 topping the Billboard chart at #1 for ten weeks. It is the first Elvis album to reach over $1 million in sales, earning Elvis his first gold album award.  

Elvis Presley's Graceland: Through The Years 1957 - 1977 - UPDATED

Boxcar Enterprices announced the 444 pages book 'Elvis Presley´s Graceland: Through The Years 1957 - 1977' by Joseph Pirzada. The release-date should be May 2012. 

UPDATE: Joseph Pirzada informed us that this update isn't correct, it could be ready Christmas 2012 or as early as 2013.

Volume 4

The Magic budget label released the paper sleeve budget CD 'Volume 4'.

His latest flame / Can’t help falling in love / Rock a hula baby / Little sister / Surrender / Sentimental me / Gently / I’m coming home / Put the blame on me / I slipped, I stumbled, I fell / You’llnever walk alone / Joshua fit the battle / Swing down sweet chariot / His hand in mine / No more / Moonlight swim / Ku-u-i-po / Hawaii sunset / Island of love / Steppin’ out of line / Blue Hawaii / / Bonus tracks :  Can’t Help falling in love (movie version)  /  Steppin’ out of line (movie version)  

Blue Hawaii - The Expanded Alternate Album

The Memphis Recording Service announced the release of the CD 'Blue Hawaii - The Expanded Alternate Album', including a 40 pages photoalbum, which is expected April 23, 2012.

Tracklisting The Extended Album:
01. Blue Hawaii (Take 1FS Take 7M) 
02. Almost Always True (Take 1FS Take 8M) 
03. Aloha Oe (Take 4FS & SPM) 
04. No More (Take 1FS Take 13M) 
05. Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 27FS Take 28FS Take 29M)
06. Rock-A-Hula Baby (Take 4FS Take 5M)
07. Moonlight Swim (Take 3M)
08. Ku ui po (Take 8LFS Take 9M)
09. Ito Eats (Take 6FS Take 7FS Take8FS Take 9M)
10. Slicin' Sand (Take 18LFS Take 19M)
11. Hawaiian Sunset (Master) 
12. Beach Boy Blues (Take 1FS Take 2M)
13. Island of Love (Take 11FS Take 12FS Take 13M) 
14. Hawaiian Wedding Song (Take 2M)
The Alternate Outtakes
15. No More (Take 3LFS) 
16. No More (Take 9) 
17. Rock-A-Hula Baby (Take 1FS) 
18. Ito Eats (Take 1MM Take 3FS) 
19. Slicin' Sand (Take 15FS Take 16FS Take 17) 
20. Beach Boy Blues (Take 3MM) 
21. Island of Love (Take 3FS, Take 5FS, Take 10FS) 
22. Aloha Oe (Take 2) 
23. Aloha Oe (Take 3) 
24. Aloha Oe (Take 5SPM) 
25. Aloha Oe (Take 7SPM) 
26. Aloha Oe (MASTER OF SECTION 2) 
27. Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 1FS Take 2FS Take 3FS Take 4FS) 
28. Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 5LSF) 
29. Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 6FS, Take 7FS) 
30. Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 8LFS) 
31. Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 9) 
32. Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 10FS Take 11FS Take 12FS) 
33. Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 18FS Take 23MM)

(Source: EPE / Elvis Club Berlin / Amazon / Joseph Pirzada)