July 16 - Elvis Revealed On Newsstands

A new edition of "Elvis: The King Revealed" is now available on newsstands! It features another iconic photo from the legendary "'68 Special" performances which celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. "Elvis: The King Revealed" dives deep into Graceland’s historical archives to access thousands of rare photos, documents and vintage items of Elvis memorabilia.

Earlier this month, the Graceland exclusive version was announced on Elvis.com. The Official Graceland Special Edition of the magazine is only available on-site at all Graceland gift shops and online at ShopElvis.com. 

On the page it shows a box  that contains some of Elvis' albums. 'Madison Square Garden' (1972) is on show and so does  'A Legendary Performer Vol 3' (1978) ... Indeed an album that came out one year after his death.

Elvis Vinyl

The Mischief Music label released the red splattered vinyl re-issue of Elvis Presley's "Elvis"  album. 

(Source: EPE / The King's World / Elvis Express)