December 14 - Record Player Sells For US$7.200

A record player that once belonged to Elvis Presley has sold for double its estimated price at the UK auction in Cornwall. The singer gave the record player as a wedding gift to Ellen Marschhauser in Germany in 1959, where he was stationed during his Army service. She and husband Jim Jenkins retired to Cornwall, where she died in 2010.

The Perpetuum Ebner Musical 5v Luxus was expected to fetch £2,000, but sold for £4,400 US$7.200 to an overseas bidder at Penzance Auction House.
Proprietor David Lay said he had never come across anything that had created so much interest. Mr Jenkins said the record player had also been a "thank you" from Elvis to his wife for doing some translation work for the singer's father, Vernon. He said he and his wife had used the record player at parties, but it had been put away in the loft when the needle broke. As well as playing records on it, it is believed that Elvis also used the player as an amplifier for his guitar.

(Source: ElvisMatters)