June 01 - June Follow That Dream

News of the June 2014 Follow That Dream releases was spread. The collectors label will release “Return To Vegas” containing a soundboard featuring the dinner show believed to be from August 3, 1969 and the book “Memphis to Nashville ’61”, a book project in conjunction with Flaming Star. The latter comes with a bonus CD featuring the original mono version of Something for Everybody. Both “The Return To Vegas” and “Nashville To Memphis ’61” will be shipped last week of June.

The Return To Vegas
This is the official release of the soundboard recording that Joan Deary planned as a double album release back in the late seventies. It’s the earliest known professional recording from Elvis’ 1969 engagement in Las Vegas. The original tape box has “opening night” written on the back, but that’s not the real date. Some experts believe it’s from August 3, but we have no information what so ever to suggest a certain date. 

However, the arrangements seem to suggest that this show is definitely several days earlier than the shows RCA recorded from August 20 and onwards. Why Joan Deary edited and mastered this for release is another mystery, since she off course had all the shows RCA recorded on 8-track tape with audio in substantially better quality. This release comes in a 7” digi-pack with a 12-pages booklet, featuring great photos from the collections of Steve Barile & Jim Patino, and a foreword by Ken Sharp. 

Tracks “The Return To Vegas”: 
01 Blue Suede Shoes 2:20 02 I Got A Woman 3:20 03 All Shook Up 3:07 04 Love Me Tender 2:38 05 Jailhouse Rock / Don't Be Cruel 2:44 06 Heartbreak Hotel 2:22 07 Hound Dog 4:48 3:57 08 Memories 3:12 09 Mystery Train / Tiger Man 5:26 10 Monologue 3:59 11 Baby, What You Want Me To Do 3:04 12 Are You Lonesome Tonight? 3:15 13 Yesterday / Hey Jude 5:11 14 Introductions 4:39 15 In The Ghetto 4:14 16 Suspicious Minds 8:21 17 What’d I Say 4:30 18 Can’t Help Falling In Love 2:30

Memphis To Nashville ’61

FTD Books and Flaming Star, in association with EPE, will release a new book – “Memphis To Nashville ’61” – in late June. This will give a comprehensive account of the two Memphis charity shows that Elvis performed at the Ellis Auditorium on a cold day in February 1961. 

The book includes accounts of that day and the events leading up to it. It features accounts from Elvis’ musicians, friends and fans, magazine- and newspaper articles from the time, and many rare and newly-discovered photographs. The collection of over 100 unpublished photographs, most of them in black and white, have been collected from many different sources; some are from original negatives whilst others are from original prints. Also included in the book is a section on Elvis’ visit to Nashville on March 8, 1961, less than two weeks after the benefit shows of February 25, to receive an honorary colonelship from the Governor of Tennessee, Buford Ellington. Furthermore, the final part of the volume includes information and details relating to the recording sessions held on March 12 and 13, 1961 that provided most of the tracks for the classic LP, “Something For Everybody”. As an added bonus, the book comes with a CD containing the mono version of “Something For Everybody” plus recordings of Elvis’ press conference, held at the Hotel Claridge in Memphis on February 25, 1961, and of the presentation of honours at the Tennessee State Capitol just 11 days later. 

Tracks “Something For Everybody” (mono version) 
1) There's Always Me 2) Give Me The Right 3) It's A Sin 4) Sentimental Me 5) Starting Today 6) Gently 7) I'm Comin' Home 8) In Your Arms 9) Put The Blame On Me 10) Judy 11) I Want You With Me 12) I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell Bonus 13) Press Conference (March 25, 1961) 14) Elvis Is Made An Honorary Colonel (March 8 1961).

Love Me Tender

The FTD release "Love Me Tender" re-issue was re-issued in the "Classic Album" series and is shipping from dealers. 

A double-CD set. Elvis first performed ‘Love Me Tender’ on the Ed Sullivan Show (September 9th) and pre-sales reached over 1 million before its release on September 28th. 

It features a 16-page booklet with great photos, movie trivia, memorabilia and full recording data.  The extra tracks are, 'We’re Gonna Move' Take 4 & 9. 'Poor Boy' Take 3 original 3 verse master. 'Poor Boy' remake, 'Poor Boy' extended verse, 'Let Me' vocal overdub take 3, 'Let Me'  vocal overdub take 4. Plus stereo masters of all four tracks and The Truth About Me Interview recorded on the set of Love Me Tender.

Disc 2 features the legendary live show from the Mississippi Alabama State Fair and Dairy Show held in Tupelo on September 26.

(Source: The Elvis Shop / FECC / Elvis Information Network)