Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28 - Out In Hollywood

The Elvis One "import" release "Elvis In Hollywood" was released. This CD contains mono-masters and outtakes from the "Girls! Girls! Girls!" movie-soundtrack with additional radio trailers and promo’s.

Complete Masters & Alternate Takes (Part 1): Where Do You Come From (Master Take With Count In) - Mexico (Dubbed Film Version) - The Bullfighter Was A Lady (Take 9) - I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here (Take 10) - El Toro (Take 2) / Original "Girls! Girls! Girls!" 

Mono Masters: I Don’t Want To - We’re Comin’ In Loaded - Thanks To The Rolling Sea - Where Do You Come From - Girls! Girls! Girls! - Return To Sender - Because Of Love - The Walls Have Ears - Song Of The Shrimp - A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You - Earth Boy - I Don’t Wanna Be Tied - We’ll Be Together

Complete Masters & Alternate Takes (Part 2): If You Think I Don’t Need You (Take 9) - Earth Boy (Undubbed Film Version) - Plantation Rock (Take 17 + Vocal Repair) - If You Think I Don’t Need You (Take 10) - Blackstar (Composite Master take 13 &  Insert #1 Take 5)

Movie radio Trailers And Promo’s: Double Trouble - Live A Little, Love A Little - Charro! (Audio Featurette) - Charro! (#1) - Charro! (#2) - Charro! (#3) - Charro! (#4) - Charro! (#5) - The Trouble With Girls (#1) - The Trouble With Girls (#2)

Bonus Songs: Guadalajara (Backing Group And Choir) - Marguerita (Instrumental Take 6) - Shoppin’ Around (Instrumental Take 2 And 3) - Shoppin’ Around (Instrumental Take 4) - Plantation Rock (Instrumental).

James Shigeta Died

James Shigeta, who co-starred with Elvis in "'Paradise, Hawaiian Style" died at the age of 81. Hawaiian-born, he was, for a time, the biggest East Asian U.S. star the country had known for decades. His up-and-down career reflected the country's changing interest in films with East Asian themes, but, when called upon, he filled both A-movie starring roles and minor T.V. guest appearances with the same cool and classy style. 

In the 1966 Paramount movie 'Paradise, Hawaiian Style', James Shigeta played Danny Kohana, along side Elvis who played Rick Richards, and together they set up a charter flying service in Hawaii -- along the way Elvis makes some friends, romances some girls and sings a few songs.

James passed away on 28 July 2014 in Los Angeles, California, USA aged 81.

(Source: Elvis And His Music / Elvis Express)