April 15 - The NY RSD Sessions?

The Memphis Recording Service Record Store Day release "RCA Studio 1 - The New York Sessions" has arrived at the dealers. The vinyl album is officially available from April 21, 2018 and contains the complete New York masters plus outtake session recordings on 180 Gr. vinyl, packed in a gatefold cover with a four page photo insert. This latest album is the 5th Record Store Day release from the label.

Side A (Approx -  23:43)
01. Blue Suede Shoes
02. My Baby Left Me
03. One-Sided Love Affair
04. So Glad Your Mine
05. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Cry
06. Tutti Frutti
07. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
08. Shake, Rattle & Roll
09. Hound Dog
10. Don't Be Cruel
11. Anyway You Want Me

Side B (Approx - 23:31):
01. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Take 6)
02. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Take 7)
03. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Take 8 & 9)
04. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Take 11 & 12)
05. Shake, Rattle & Roll (Take 1-3)
06. Shake, Rattle & Roll (Take 5-7)
07. Shake, Rattle & Roll (Take 8)
08. Shake, Rattle & Roll (Take 9-11)
09. Shake, Rattle & Roll (Take 12 Undubbed Edit Master)

There appears to be a problem with the Record Store Day organization as the Elvis Express reports that "The NY Sessions" release has been dropped by the RSD organisation (as the sometimes do with releases from independent labels).

This move by the RSD organisation appears strange, especially when you realise that there are 3 other Elvis releases available on Independent record labels being released for RSD 2018. And what's with the RSD sticker? A record label cannot just produce their own RSD stickers, each label has to pay a fee to RSD who produce the labels and then send them to the said record label.

In the case of the Memphis Recording Service, they would have signed the contract with RSD, obeyed all the rules, produced the album and paid for 1000 RSD stickers, which were delivered to the producer who then manually added the stickers to the album covers and then distribute the album to the record stores that had pre-ordered the album only to then be informed with just one week to go that the album is no longer part of the RSD releases.

This might become a collectible, you can pre-order the album through the link at the top right.

(Source: UEPS / Elvis Express)