July 21 - The King Is Back

This weekend the Las Vegas Review news-paper featured Elvis Presley on the cover celebrating his triumphant comeback to Sin City. Inside a two-page article with a time-line, quotes and a top 50 facts. 

Read the article on the newspaper's website.

I Do A Lot O 'Things ... But I Can not Fly!

Two months after its original announcement, the Touchdown import-label released the CD "I Do A Lot O 'Things ... But I Can not Fly!" featuring the previously unreleased August 20, 1971 Dinner Show performance. After the opening block of the show, our champion responded to the excitement of the upper levels of the hall by saying, "I do a lot of things ... but I can not fly to you!" The CD contains an almost complete audience recording of the concert. 

This release is wrongly dated as Dinner Show, it features the Midnight Show performance. 

(Source: Las Vegas Review / Elvis Matters / Elvis on CD)