July 02 - A Legendary Performer Is Back

The Madison import label is back, and announced a new release titled 'A Legendary Performer Volume 9'.

From the press release:After a long break (believe it or not, our last release dated back to 2009), the Madison label is back with a number of new releases to delight you.

One of our favorite projects was the Legendary Performer volumes, and we are continuing with this series with many new volumes in the pipeline. Our plan is to include many unreleased tracks - which is very rare nowadays, as most releases offer nothing new.

Our first release is A Legendary Performer Volume 9 and is dedicated to “The Crazy Canuck”. In this volume we have included a number of unreleased tracks and it comes - as you have come to expect from the Madison label - with a beautiful 16 page booklet.

In this new volume we have included 23 tracks that will offer something for everybody. For example, ‘(Let’s Have A) Party’ has never sounded better (it has been taken from a different source master). We have also included an unreleased alternate take of ‘I’ve Got Confidence’ from 1971, and ‘Stay Away’ (Take 13) appears for the first time in pristine stereo, not the fake stereo that is now popular these days. The same goes for the x-rated version of ‘Only The Strong Survive’, which appears in true stereo for the first time. Also, we have included the previously unreleased take 10 of ‘Padre’. Meanwhile, ‘Stranger In My Own Hometown’ is the unedited, overdubbed, master which comes in great sound and runs for a full 5 minutes, while ‘Promised Land’ (Take 1) is taken from a different mix and sounds so much better – along with many others (see below). Stay tuned, we are back!

Track listing: Maybellene (20.08.1955 - Reworked Version) - Ready Teddy (09.09.1956 - Live) - (Let's Have A) Party - Got A Lot O Livin' To Do! (Movie Version - Composite - From Acetate) - Ain't That Loving You Baby (Fast Version - Spliced Take 7, 8 & 1) - Fountain Of Love (Take 8, 6) - The Bullfighter Was A Lady (Take 2 & 3, Spliced) - Please, Don't Drag That String Around (Take 3, 5) - Memphis, Tennessee (1963 - Rejected Master) - Easy Come, Easy Go (Take 9) - Stay Away (Take 13 - Stereo) - Only The Strong Survive (Take 6 – "Dear Georgie" - X-Rated) - Stranger In My Own Hometown (Unedited, Overdubbed Master) - I've Got Confidence (Take 3 - From Acetate) - Padre (Take 10) - It's Over (10.04.1972 Multi-Track From Acetate) - I Got A Feelin' In My Body (Studio Rehearsal With Take 1) - Promised Land (Take 1 - X-Rated Version) - Let Me Be The One (April 1974 - Home Recording) - Love Coming Down (Undubbed Master) - And I Love You So (17.03.1976 - Live) - My Way (27.03.1977 - Live) - For Ol’ Times Sake (Duet With Tony Joe White)

*Previously Unreleased

Sold Out Vol. 7

The Pyramid import label released volume 7 in their Sold Out!' DVD series.

From the press release:

In recent years the Elvis collector’s scene had become a bit complacent, in part due to the number of repetitive and dull import releases. But the ‘Sold Out’ series has changed the whole game, in part because these releases finally give the fans something new. 

The series also proved, for the first time, the great potential of 8mm footage. Many fans were surprised by the quality, and it is no exaggeration to say that these releases have revitalized the Elvis world, even bringing back some of the fans that had almost lost interest. 

Without Pyramid, the real fans would never have seen any of this footage.

Each ‘Sold Out’ release is bound to become a true collectors’ item, and they are distributed according to the ‘It’s here – it’s now – it’s gone’ principle. All previous titles are sold out.

We are proud to announce the release of ‘Sold Out Vol. 7’, and this one is A killer! Three hours of rare Elvis 8mm footage, including backstage film from New York ’72 (!!), as well as an amazing ‘Shake A Hand’ (!!!) from three years later. And much more…. 21 different films this time!!

Since it’s now 50 years ago that Elvis recorded ‘I’m Leaving’, a song that he always referred to as “one of my favorites”, we asked songwriter MICHAEL JARRETT to write about the time he saw Elvis perform in Las Vegas. You will love Michael’s very personal and lively account of that special night.

‘Sold Out volume 7’ is packaged in a superb 3-panel DVD digipack with relevant photos and notes. Pyramid does not engage in hyperbole – we are simply too busy delivering the goods. And Volume 7 does so by the truckload.

(Source: FECC / Facebook)