January 19 - A Mess Of Blues

Just released for the first time on - import - CD is the vinyl compilation "Mess Of Blues". 

From the press-release:
Elvis Presley has a rare distinction of being one of the most versatile singers of modern times. Unlike many other singers who essentially sing/sang songs in a small number of musical genres, Elvis was particularly versatile and prolific across more than 10 genres or musical styles, including the blues.

Surprisingly, given the wealth of great "Blues" material recorded by Elvis, and a propensity by BMG/RCA to release countless Elvis "greatest hits" and "love songs" compilations, the company has released very little by way of Elvis "blues" compiles. In fact, there have been more "licensed" Elvis blues albums released than official BMG/RCA releases.

In the late 1980’s a great blues compilation, called "Mess Of Blues" featured no more than 24 fantastic tracks that had a "blues" feel. It was released on the "Preview" UK label. As good as the double LP was, it was never released on CD. Until now!

This new CD release contains the same 24 tracks as the original album, but...  most of these tracks are now rare and alternate versions, all edited from studio chats, false starts etc. So all are unreleased in this form! A perfect collection for every Elvis fan!
CD comes in jewel-case with 4 page booklet, liner notes and blue sticker on front of jewel-case. As always, a limited edition so order your copy today!

01. Reconsider Baby (live 1969)
02. Trouble (mono mix master)
03. A Mess Of Blues (take 1)
04. Give Me The Right ( take 2)
05. Such A Night (take 5)
06. When It Rains It Really Pours (1965 overdub)
07. Trying To Get To You  
08. Like A Baby (take 4)
09. I Want To Be Free (take 11)
10. Mean Woman Blues (2nd version)
11. Ain't That Loving You Baby (take 1)
12. One Night
13. Little Sister (take 6)
14. So Glad You're Mine
15. Big Boss Man (take 9)
16. I Want You With Me (take 1)
17. Baby What You Want Me To Do (live 1969)
18. Santa Claus Is Back In Town (3D mono version)
19. Stuck On You (take 1)
20. I Feel So Bad (take 1)
21. What'd I Say (take 2)
22. Tomorrow Night (1965 overdub, correct speed)
23. It Feels So Right (take 3)
24. Merry Christmas Baby (1981 remake version)

(Source: Elvis Express)

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