February 06 - Hometown Memphis

The Wonderland Records / Rock & Roll Majesty import label released the 6-CD set "Hometown Memphis" featuring the previously released Memphis shows from March 16, 1974 (Afternoon Show), March 17, 1974 (Evening Show), March 20, 1974, June 10, 1975, July 5, 1975 and the rehearsals at Sam Thompson house from November 3rd and 4th 1973. This set is limited to 300 copies.

Happy Birthday

Former Memphis Mafia member Jerry Schilling celebrated his 78th birthday today. In recent years he is active for EPE and toured the UK with Priscilla Presley. 

Sam Thompson Talks Elvis

In the UK tabloid The Express former bodyguard Sam Thompson talks about Elvis. He has lots of funny stories about his time working for Elvis in the 1970s, but it was the personal one-on-one times with the man behind the icon that he really cherishes. 

Thompson spoke of visiting Elvis’ birthplace and where he grew up in Tupelo along with Elvis. Thompson said, “We drove right through Tupelo and Elvis said, ‘This is where I grew up’. And we drove by his house and he said, ‘That was my house’. Just me and him in the car and nobody even noticed us.”

It's little moments like that where you forget this man can stand in front of 20,000 people and mesmerise them. This was a human being, a person.” "Elvis would say, ‘Nobody really knows who I am.’  And I said: ‘Elvis, people love you man! They love you. They know you all over the world.’ He said: ‘No, no, no. They know that guy on the stage. They don’t know me.’”

And it’s really true, you have to become another person when you’re performing like that. And that’s what he was on the stage. But he was a different person when you could just sit and talk with him.

“That’s the guy that I miss and those are my most cherished moments.”

(Source: Elvis on CD / Elvis Matters / The Express / Elvis Information Network)