February 13 - More Stories Behind the Songs

Redshank Books announced the release of the 240-page paperback "Elvis Presley: Stories Behind the Songs (Volume 2)" by Matt Shepherd on March 31, 2020. 

This second volume begins 60 years ago when Elvis Presley returns from the army, wondering if he still has a career and massive fan base after being away for two years. He needn't have worried himself, the fans lapped up his new and more ambitious recordings. Songs like It's Now or Never, Return to Sender and many more sold in their millions proving the King was back!

Although many of Elvis' countless solid gold hits feature in the book, the author is also keen to explore the lesser-known album tracks including the hugely underrated album Elvis is Back which came out 60 years ago this year (2020).

I hope the reader will look at each song in a different light maybe they will go and play the lesser heard songs and appreciate them in a whole different way after reading the story behind that particular track. If it further builds on the fans' knowledge about Elvis and brings around a bigger appreciation of Presley's music then the book will have achieved its purpose.

Matt Shepherd has presented several shows over the years for BBC Local Radio on Elvis Presley, including more than 50 with his good friend Freddy Zapp on BBC Radio Cornwall. Matt has been an Elvis fan for more than 30 years and has amassed a huge collection of hundreds of records and Elvis information over the years. He has written Elvis related articles for the BBC News website and Elvis publications. His has also interviewed many of Elvis' friends over the last few decades including Jerry Schilling, George Klein, Larry Gellar and the late Joe Esposito.

Billy Fury and Elvis Presley 

Harry Lime released his 68-page book "Billy Fury and Elvis Presley

Ronald Wycherley, born on 17th April 1940, Smithdown Hospital, Smithdown Road, Liverpool, Lancashire, England, UK, better known by his stage name Billy Fury, was a musician singer-songwriter & actor from the late '50s to the mid '60s, having remained an active songwriter until the early '80s. 

Rheumatic fever, which he contracted in childhood, damaged his heart, contributing to his premature death. An early British rock 'n' roll and movie star, he equalled the Beatles' record of 24 hits during the '60s, having spent 332 weeks on the UK chart, without a chart-topping single or album.


Vintage Publishing released the paperback edition of the 336-page book “Graceland” by Bethan Roberts.

What if your son was the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll? From the moment she first holds him, Gladys Presley loves her son Elvis ferociously. She is the one by his side when his father is in the jailhouse; as they move from place to place skirting poverty; as Elvis’s obsession with music grows and he begins his whirlwind rise to never-before-seen success. But while he brings audiences across the land to their knees and achieves unimagined wealth and fame, there is another story – of drinking and diet pills, loneliness and loss – and at the height of his power Elvis finds that even kings must go on alone.

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Como Vienne, Se Va

Paramount released the the movie "Como Vienne, Se Va" ("Easy Come, Easy Go") on DVD in Spain. 

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