Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17 - Viva ELVIS! added "Viva ELVIS - The Album" to their on-line shop with October 12, 2010 as the release date. The product-information on the CD read:

"Viva ELVIS - The Album", is a 21st century celebration of Elvis and his music, featuring the voice of the king in a whole new context. The undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, remains one of the most iconic and powerful forces in popular culture. "Before Elvis," said John Lennon, "there was nothing." After Elvis, the world looked and sounded different. With a swivel of his hips and the power of his voice, Elvis broke down barriers and shattered the status quo, revolutionizing the worlds of music, film and fashion, while signaling a seismic shift in gender, class, race, and generational relationships. 

The Elvis revolution continues with "Viva ELVIS - The Album". This postmodern studio masterwork invokes the spirit and essence of Elvis from a contemporary perspective, while furthering the revolutionary impulses of Elvis' sound. Viva ELVIS - The Album re- imagines the king’s own vocal performances in a broad variety of new musical settings. This new sound echos Elvis' own versatility and ability to master all music genres, from Delta blues to rockabilly, from raw soul to gospel, from Southern folk to Vegas pop, while incorporating elements of garage rock, punk, urban and hip-hop.

You can already pre-order Viva Elvis - The Album here.