Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24 - Remixers Give Me An 1977 Fever

Italian remixer and producer Spankox did a remix using Elvis Presley's "Fever"; this time he also added an additional rap to the track. The song was released on his Everness label and available through iTunes.

Boxcar, Elvis '77: The Final Curtain

The Boxcar import label released a trailer for their "Elvis '77 - The Final Curtain" release. No details are available officially, but the set should contain multiple CDs and DVDs and a deluxe photobook (30cm x 23cm in size and 3.2 kilos, around 7Llbs) in weight!  The BoxCar label stated that there is "No Further Information For The Time Being Due To Matters Of Security". 
Release Date Early October 2010.

(Source: iTunes, Elvis Australia, FECC)