Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11 - Bootlegs For Saints And Sinners!

The five authors of the upcoming 'Bootleg Elvis!' book, Felix Gubelli, Rolf Gilgen, Peter van Bragt, Dick Dekker and Bruno Pause, send out an update on their book. The book is due July 2012.

From the update:
People get ready…
Don’t miss the most extensive ever book on Elvis vinyl bootlegs!
Don’t miss the adventurous history of Elvis bootlegs!
Don’t miss the never before told stories from various Elvis bootleggers!
And… don’t miss the Elvis bootlegs in close to 1,000 entries illustrated with more than 1,200 photos. For your reading pleasure the bootleg entries are divided into the following chapters:
  •  7 inch singles
  •  7 inch extended play albums
  •  10 inch albums and 78rpm singles
  •  12 inch albums and maxi singles
  •  Interviews and session talks
  •  Novelty and tribute bootlegged records
  •  Far Eastern bootlegged records
It’s all here in a massive 640-pages high-quality hardcover book!
It’s for you, the Elvis collector, the fan and the vinyl- and music lover!
It’s a labor of love by five diehard European Elvis collectors and scholars.
It’s possible because of the fantastic support from many fans all over the world.
It’s the book that might soon become an instant classic in the Elvis world.
It’s Bootleg Elvis!
And ... it's limited to 1,000 copies, but it can be yours if you order it today.

New (Re)releases

The Play On budget label announced the release of a compilation simply entitled 'Play' on June 1, 2012. 

The Elvis Corner budget label announced the release of the CDs 'Lost In The 60's: Kiss Me Quick' and 'Lost In The 60's: Fame & Fortune' with June 11, 2012 as the release-date.

The Big 3 budget label announced the release of the 3CD box-set 'The Saint & The Sinner' on June 18, 2012. 

Sony / legacy announced the release of another Elvis Presley CD in their 'Setlist' series. This volume focusses on the fifties. The release-date is set for June 26, 2012.

The movie 'Love Me Tender - Pulverdampf und HeiƟe Lieder (Musical Edition)' will be re-released in a special edition by 20th Century Fox in Germany on July 20, 2012. 

New Charts

The following appeared on the Billboard Catalog Album Charts (w/e 19th May, 2012):

- 'Elvis: The Very Best Of Love' selling some 2144 copies. Total sales to date: 264,287 copies.
- 'An Afternoon In The Garden' selling some 2131 copies. Total sales to date: 464,143 copies.
- 'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) selling some 1310 copies. Total sales to date: 89,344 copies.
- 'Elvis Rock' (Compilation) selling some 1287 copies. Total sales to date: 165,056 copies.
- 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) selling some 1242 copies. Total sales to date: 108,637 copies.
- 'Elvis Gospel/ An Evening Prayer' (Compilation) selling some 1162 copies. Total sales to date: 155,717 copies.
- 'Elvis Christmas' selling some 17 copies. Total sales to date: 599,471 copies.
- 'Elvis Christmas Duets' selling some 10 copies. Total sales to date: 490,097.

(Source: e-mail \ Amazon \ Brian Quinn)