February 25 - Elvis And Janis

A new vinyl album is on its way, a re-production of the collectable South African release "Elvis And Janis".

From the press-release:
This 10” album was inspired by the now legendary 1957 “Elvis And Janis” South African album, “Janis And Elvis - The RCA Victor Singles 1956-1958” features 12 original RCA Victor recordings from Janis Martin aka “The Female Elvis” and Elvis Presley (3 x Janis Martin 45s A&B sides and 3 x Elvis Presley 45s A&B sides). The short two year window from 1956 to 1958 was extremely significant to both artists, both kick started their RCA recording careers in 1956 and by 1958 both artists were forced to take a break from the recording studios, in Elvis’ case he was drafted into the Army and regrettably for Janis her contract was ended by RCA. The similarities didn’t end there either both artists resumed their recording careers in 1960, with Elvis famously returning to the studio and Janis recording two 45s for the Belgian record label, Palette. The 45s featured in this collection are raw slices of prime Rock n Roll cooked to perfection by RCAs fine production teams… meaty goodies indeed, served up on a sizzling 10” platter!

• Limited Edition only 500 pressed
• Deluxe 10” vinyl collector’s edition
• Original 45 rpm label shots
• Liner notes
• Includes “My Boy Elvis” by Janis Martin
• Contains 12 original RCA VICTOR recordings by Janis Martin and Elvis Presley

Side 1; 1] Money Honey (RCA VICTOR A Side 47-6641) 1956 Elvis Presley, 2] Will You, Willyum (RCA VICTOR B Side 57-6491) 1956 Janis Martin, 3] One-Sided Love Affair (RCA VICTOR B Side 47-6641) 1956 Elvis Presley, 4] Little Bit (RCA VICTOR B Side 47-6652) 1956 Janis Martin, 5] One Night (RCA VICTOR A Side 47-7410) 1958 Elvis Presley, 6] Drugstore Rock And Roll (RCA VICTOR A Side 57-6491) 1956 Janis Martin.

Side 2; 1] My Boy Elvis (RCA VICTOR A Side 47-6652) 1956 Janis Martin, 2] I Got Stung (RCA VICTOR B Side 47-7410) 1958 Elvis Presley, 3] Good Love (RCA VICTOR B Side 47-7184) 1958 Janis Martin, 4] Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (RCA VICTOR A Side 47-7240) 1958 Elvis Presley, 5] Cracker Jack (RCA VICTOR A Side 47-7184) 1958 Janis Martin, 6] Doncha' Think It's Time (RCA VICTOR B Side 47-7240) 1958 Elvis Presley

(Source: ElvisMatters)