Friday, February 28, 2014

February 28 - Elvis Has Left The Charts: The Day The King Died

Due for release from Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd. on July 17, 2014 is the 336 page book "Elvis Has Left The Building: The Day The King Died" by Dylan Jones 

From the publisher:
"The King departed this world during the month of punk rocks apotheosis. Punk had set out to destroy Elvis, or at least everything he came to represent, but never got the chance. Elvis destroyed himself before anyone else could.

Nearly forty years after his death, rocks ultimate legend and prototype just wont go away and his influence and legacy are to be found not just in music today, but the world over. Elvis Presley has permeated the modern world in ways that are bizarre and inexplicable: a pop icon while he was alive, he has become almost a religious icon in death, a modern-day martyr crucified on the wheel of drugs, celebrity culture, junk food and sex.

In Elvis Has Left the Building, Dylan Jones takes us back to those heady days around the time of his death and the rise of punk. He evokes the hysteria and devotion of The Kings numerous disciples and imitators, offering a uniquely insightful commentary on Elviss life, times and outrageous demise. This is a fresh account, written with the authors customary panache, recounting how Elvis single-handedly changed the course of popular music and culture, and what his death meant and still means to us today."


The album "The Nation's Favourite Elvis Songs" drops from #98 to #146 on this week's Official Top 200 UK Album Chart.

Elvis Presley had no entries on the US Billboard Charts for the week ending March 8, 2014. 

Praise To The King  

The SR Records import release "Praise To The King", containing an audience recording of the August 23, 1971 Midnight Show was released. The first 100 CDs came with an bonus card. As usually from this label, this CD comes in a deluxe digipack, containing a collection of live photographs from the season and informative newspaper clips.

From the press-release:
"Praise to the King" featuring the unreleased show from Las Vegas August 23, 1971 Midnight Show. After a long research finally we located a good tape that gives us the possibility to produce another show from Elvis fifth season.

As everybody knows SR concentrates its work on early 70's live period of Elvis' activity, trying to produce always unreleased shows with Elvis at the top of his possibilities. In this our new release, we are proud to present the complete show from August 23th midnight performance of the fifth Elvis’ historical Vegas season.

The midnight show from August 23th, as presented on this CD, no surprises in the tracklist, but the show is extremely solid and good, Elvis sings all the best from the previous seasons including is new single I’m leaving. The sound is good and powerful you can hear clear all the instruments in particular the incredible job on the drums made from Ronnie Tutt. Elvis' performance on these early season nights is superb as he is still performing to the best of his ability. Although he delivers short shows they are delivered in a very intense, crisp and fresh manner that cannot be denied. Elvis was on stage to have fun and demonstrated this during the older, classic numbers, but songs such as 'Proud Mary, Polk Salad Annie' and 'Sweet Caroline' never sounded better. As Bonus we add the best of the Afternoon show in the way to give you a full day and a full 80 minutes of cd. Talking of best song the version of Proud Mary delivered from Elvis and the band is incredible surely the highest moment of the night.

This recording come from an early generation copy of the master tape, the sound quality is good considering the early season. We have on our hands the original mono tape of extremely good quality enabling us to carry out simple re-mastering work, concentrating on the reduction of noise overall at the high frequencies, trying to achieve a more clear sound and of Elvis, keeping a rough mix with some hissing on the high frequencies, but with a great definition to the background music, incredible clear in spite the limitation of an audience recording..

(Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Brian Quinn / FECC / Elvis On CD)