February 14 - The Essential Undubbed Country

Two new import-releases have been announced; “The Essential Undubbed Masters” and “Good ’N’ Country"

From the press-release The Essential Undubbed Masters:
For the first time the most essential undubbed recordings. All edited to full versions, without the studio banter of false starts. All tracks are unreleased in this form. The pure high class Elvis sound!

Tracks The Essential Undubbed Masters:
Suspicious Minds / Don’t Cry Daddy / It Keep Right On A Hurtin’ / In The Ghetto / I Really Don’t Want To Know / When I’m Over You / I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water / The Fool / I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen / For The Good Times / Separate Ways / Burning Love / Always On My Mind / Find Out What’s Happening / Loving Arms / Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues / If You Talk In Your Sleep / Promised Land / Way Down / Moody Blue

From the press-release Good ’N’ Country:
A sublime late 60’s and 70’s country album, full of rare versions, live recordings and outtakes. All tracks are unreleased in this form. If you ever decide to buy an elvis country compilation album, this the one for you. It comes as a digi-pack  with rare full-color pictures.

Tracks Good ’N’ Country:
I Was Born About 10.000 Years Ago (Unedited Master) / It Ain’t No Big Thing (Take 6) / Faded Love (Brass And Strings Overdub Master) / Make The World Go Away (Take 3) / Snowbird (Harmony Vocal Overdub) / Pieces Of My Life (Alternate Mix) / The Fool (Undubbed Master) / Welcome To My World (Recorded Live, Differend Mix) / Until It’s Time For You To Go (Take 6) / Early Morning Rain (Take 11) / Little Cabin On The Hill (Unedited Master) / Green Green Grass Of Home (Take 3) / There’s A Honky Tonk Angel (Take 1) / Susan When She Tried (Take 2) / If I’m A Fool For Loving You (Take 3) / If You Love Me Let Me Know (Rough Undubbed Live Master) / Talk About The Good Times (Take 3) / I’ll Be There (Take 6, Improved Sound) / It’s A Matter Of Time (Brass And Strings Overdub Master) / For The Good Times (Undubbed Alternate Master).

The Hidden Elvis Chevy
Legend has it that Elvis Presley wanted to be an undercover agent. Turns out, he may have been a good one. Three-time NASCAR championship winning crew chief Ray Evernham recently visited Graceland to shoot a segment for his Velocity show AmeriCarna about the last car Elvis drove before he died, a 1973 Stutz Blackhawk III. While he was there, the Graceland folks told him the vehicle he really wanted to see was tucked away in a warehouse out back. There, under a sheet, was a rusty old 1948 Chevrolet Panel Van that they say Elvis used to use to sneak out of Graceland when he wanted to avoid his fans and the press.

Apparently, the King used to put on a baseball cap and a jacket and slip out via a rear driveway when he wanted to go to the movies or shopping, and no one was ever the wiser. One time the truck even broke down on the side of the road and several members of the Graceland staff passed by with no idea that it was the boss that was stranded.

The Chevy has been hidden from public view since Elvis died, and is just the way he left it. Along with his famous 1955 pink Cadillac, it’s purportedly been in Graceland’s collection the longest. 

(Source: FECC /  Elvis Matters)