April 08 - Definitive Rare Elvis Mono Collection

The 4 CD set “Elvis – Definitive Rare Elvis Live Collection” is due from the Rock 'n' Roll Majesty import-label. It is a mix of Elvis Presley live rarities on 2 Soundboard CD’s plus 2 CDs with audience-recordings. The box, that comes with a small booklet, in limited to 400 copies. 

Elvis In Mono Released 

Out now from the Venus import-label is the LP sized box "Elvis In Mono". The first images appeared on eBay. 

From the press-release
Mono is how most listeners first heard Elvis in the 1950s and 1960s, when it was the predominant audio format. Until 1968, each Elvis album was given a unique mono and stereo mix, but Elvis always regarded the mono mix as primary. This was also true for singles. Up until affordable home stereo systems in the late 1960s, the record industry always regarded stereo as secondary, going back to its debut in the late 1950's. Mono singles, EPs and LPs were the standard for retail and radio. Simply put, mono had all of the sound mixed in a single channel and was meant to be listened to on a turntable with a built-in speaker, a car radio, or a stand-alone AM radio receiver. The goal was to create mono master takes with as much clarity and power as possible. 

When EMI released mono-masters of the Beatles in 2009, they received rave reviews. Left out in the cold were Elvis’ loyal fans. Somehow, Sony didn’t see a reason why they might want the pleasure of listening to his original mono mixes. So when we first heard about the existence of the original mono master tapes of Elvis’ hit singles, it was an easy decision to make these available to the fans in a five-disc collection. Elvis' acclaimed mono tracks have been newly-mastered for CD, using the best digital technology. Hours were dedicated to concentrated listening, fastidiously comparing these master tapes with mint, mono first pressings. The result is a perfect reproduction of Elvis' original mono vinyl sound. 

Elvis Aloha Guitar in Julien's Auction 

Having failed to sell at the last Graceland auction, Elvis' Aloha guitar in the key item in the Music Icons auction event to take place at Hard Rock Cafe New York on Saturday, May 21, 2016. The Music Icons auction will include over 85 items from the life and career of Elvis Presley. The major items include 

Elvis' Gibson Dove guitar that he used at "Aloha" has a starting bid of $100,000. 
In 1969, Vernon Presley went to Guitar City, near Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, to purchase a guitar as a gift for his son. Vernon requested several custom adjustments to personalize the guitar for Elvis, including changing the finish of the guitar to ebony, reported to be chosen to represent Elvis’ recently earned black belt in karate, and the stunning acanthus script inlay of "Elvis Presley" on the fingerboard. Elvis began using the guitar in 1971 and is photographed performing with it often between 1971 and 1973, including, most famously, during Presley’s televised and broadcasted Aloha From Hawaii concert. The story ends in generosity when, in 1975, at a concert in Asheville, North Carolina, Presley gave the guitar to audience member Mike Harris. Estimate: $200,000- $300,000, Starting: $100,000 - 

Elvis' "First" Piano. 
A Stroud upright piano circa 1911 with a maple bridge, spruce soundboard, and maple and mahogany back. The piano has a mirrored panel on the back. Serial number 28059. The piano and bench were purchased by Elvis Presley at the age of 20 from O.K. Houck Piano Company Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee, on September 30, 1955 for $281.75. Presley paid $50 up front and financed the remaining portion over the next 11 months. This was the first piano Presley ever purchased. Presley purchased another piano in the 1960s and moved this Stroud upright to Joe Esposito's room in Graceland, later gifting it to his cook, Christine Strickland. After Strickland's passing, the piano was sold to the Memphis Music Hall of Fame Museum in July 1992. Estimate: $200,000 - $300,000, 

Elvis Presley silver leather jacket. 
This was painted with multicolor flame, rainbow, star designs and a hawk across the back. The jacket was made by East West Musical Instruments Co. of San Francisco. The jacket, circa 1974, has a black collar and yoke with zipper closure at front. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Ginger Alden stating that Presley gave the jacket to her while at Graceland in 1977. Estimate: $40,000 - $60,000

Elvis Presley 1953 Martin 00-21 acoustic guitar given to Jack Lord. 
Presley and the Hawaii 5 - 0 star met in 1973 while Lord was visiting Hawaii for Elvis' Aloha from Hawaii concert special. Lord invited Presley to his home in Kahala after the special. The pair became fast friends and immediately started exchanging gifts. Presley invited the Lords to Las Vegas the following month. Estimate: $40,000 - $60,000

(Source: Elvis Information Network / FECC / eBay / Juliens)