March 04 - Return To Australia

The Australian Postal service will issue an Elvis Presley stamp pack. The Elvis Presley stamp pack comprises of three sheetlets of stamps featuring 25 x $1 red-rose heart stamps from the Love to Celebrate stamp issue. There are 25 stamp-tabs in total featuring images of Elvis throughout his career. For rock ‘n’ roll and movie fans, the Elvis Presley stamp pack includes stylish colour and black and white photos of Elvis and 25 $1 red-rose heart stamps. 

From the press-release:
Gifted and charismatic, Elvis Presley blasted the status quo when he sashayed onto the American music scene in the early 1950s. His career was launched when Memphis studio Sun Records divined his musical genius and pressed his version of “That’s Alright” in 1954, with “Blue Moon of Kentucky” on the flip side. Within a few short years, and picked up by RCA Victor, Elvis had wooed legions of fans worldwide. His distinctive voice, smouldering good looks, provocative style and independent spirit were a magnet for youth, and the musical rebel ignited a revolution in popular culture during the staid 1950s.

Born in 1935 into a humble church-going family in Mississippi and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Elvis was influenced in his music-making by his immediate world. From the Assembly of God’s gospel song to Beale Street’s r&b, the “King of Rock and Roll” deftly wove these musical touchstones into his own distinct sound, challenging mores and expectations in the process.

Over his career, Elvis’s music earned him gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards in American sales, and his global record sales have topped more than one billion. He achieved three Grammys from his 14 nominations, as well as the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Besides his musical accomplishments, the King extended his influence on popular culture through both the big screen and the small, appearing in 33 films during his lifetime.

(Source: FECC / Australian Postal Cooperation)