December 02 - A Deluxe Set for Huntsville

The VV import label decided to produce three different editions of their “First Time In Huntsville” release.

The standard edition of 300 copies includes a gatefold glossy sleeve, the concert on double black 180 Gr. vinyl and CD, 90x60 cm double sided poster. 

The first 100 copies come as a limited set including an exclusive glossy sticker, an exclusive glossy hand numbered over-sleeve, a gatefold glossy sleeve, the concert on 180 Gr. double marble green colored vinyl 180 gram and CD, a high-quality 90x60 cm doubled sided art print and three different 20x15 cm sized poster, a 60x30 cm poster and a flexi-magnet. Each set is hand-numbered and individually sealed.

And finally a special deluxe 31x31 cm sized box set (100 copies) including two exclusive glossy large art stickers, the concert on 180 Gr. double marble blue colored vinyl, an exclusive high quality paper art card, an exclusive high-quality personalized t-shirt (sizes L and XL), a 12 inch glossy 44 page softcover book, an e of 44 pages, an exclusive large 5,5 cm sized pin, the unreleased ambiance recording of the opening show from May 30, 1975 as recorded in Huntsville on cassette in two different colors. This set is also hand-numbered and individually sealed.

(Source: various)