Sunday, December 09, 2018

December 10 - Virginia Is For Elvis Lovers (Updated)

It appears that the Victrola import-label will have some competition on their upcoming "Elvis - April 10 1972, Richmond" CD now the Black Diamond import-label announced the release of "Virginia Is For Elvis Lovers" containing the same concert. 

From the press-release:
"Virginia Is For Elvis Lovers" is the new release from the Black Diamond label - it features Elvis' stunning Richmond show from April 10, 1972. This is the same show that is coming out soon on the Victrola label but according to Black Diamond they have a far superior sound quality.

The new label Black Diamond label kicks off with it's first release of a show originally recorded for the 1972 movie "On Tour". This show has been taken from a digital copy of a rough stereo mix made from the original multitrack tapes some years ago. The sound on this CD has been professionally remastered to achieve optimum audio quality.

We are aware that this show will also be released by the Victrola label. But after listening to their previous release of the Greensboro show, we think that the remastering has not been done properly. It simply was a digital overkill with way too much compression, muffled sound and a lack of separation. You can expect the same digital overkill on their forthcoming Richmond release! Our competitors even swapped the stereo channels which means that the piano comes out of the right speaker ... which is completely wrong!

Please note that Black Diamonds remastered this show from a digital copy of the very same source tape that our competitors used for their release. We are sure the difference is amazing. On Black Diamond the sound is crisp and clear with all instruments clearly audible. And Elvis' voice sounds much more natural than on the other label. They achieved a some kind of artificial sound. Not very enjoyable.

Champaign - 1976

After a long break author Kieran Davis, is working on updating a current title and a new project according to postings on the FECC forum. 

He confirmed a new book entitled “Champaign - 1976”, due in the first quarter of 2019 and his “November 1971” book will be updated, re-edited and expanded by an additional 100 pages. The latter  should be available in the first half of 2019.

Kieran Davis also has two other offerings ready for sale for his current customers in 2019 covering the tours from April 1972 and March 1974. Apparently these books are limited to 100 copies and not being wholesaled at present. It's in hardback with 170 photos. 

From the author:

My website has not been updated yet. There have been incompatibility issues with some browsers, which is why some links might not be working. I am trying to get this sorted out and hope to have it updated by the new year. Updates and information for all future releases will also be added.

The initial printing of 'Elvis On Tour October 1976' is indeed just 100 copies, but if there is sufficient interest then another print run can be done.

Yes, I am working on the April 1972 and March 1974 tours, also an updated and expanded edition of 'On Tour November 1971' with approximately 100 additional pages. 

The next book to be published will be a companion to 'On Tour October 1976' but will deviate from the usual format in that it is a pictorial work dedicated to just one show - the one in Champaign. I decided to publish this separately rather than unbalance 'On Tour October 1976' by including all the original photos I had available from this show. The binding and style will be identical to 'October 1976' so they can sit alongside each other on a book case, but 'Champaign' can be a stand alone book for those more interested in images than words. This will be submitted for printing in the new year. If you want to reserve a copy just send me an email.

(Source: Elvis Information Network / FECC)