March 07 - I'll Never Stand In The Way of Your Happiness

The Danish Memphis Mansion will release the two singles “My Happiness” and “I’ll Never Stand In Your Way”. Both titles come as replica's of the original acetates on gold and black vinyl with newly created cover-art. The release date is set for the second half of March 2020. 

Side A: My Happiness / Side B: That´s When Your Heartaches Begin

Side A: I'll Never Stand In Your Way / Side B: It Wouldn't Be The Same Without You.

Dixie Locke Emmons is coming to Denmark for the Memphis Mansion Garden Party August 2020.

Elvis Presley Quiz Book

The 52-page paperback "Elvis Presley Quiz Book" by Colin Carter has been released (Independently published). The book features 101 questions to test your knowledge of Elvis Presley.

Are you a true Elvis Presley fan? Have you picked up lots of little-known facts about Elvis over the years? Then the time has now come to put your knowledge to the test with this enjoyable quiz about one of the most successful and popular musicians of all time.

This Elvis Presley quiz book contains one hundred and one informative and entertaining questions - all with multiple choice answers. Some of the questions are quite easy, and some are more challenging, and they are all designed to test your knowledge of Elvis's long and successful musical career - and teach you a new fact or two!

This quiz book is packed with information and will really test your knowledge of the legendary musician. Elvis Presley is one of the most successful musicians of all time, so let's find out - Elvis Presley - How much do you know?

(Source: Memphis Mansion / Amazon)