June 12 - iPhone Bargains

Was it the economy or just the lack of interest for the next Elvis Auction in a row? Fact remains that the Elvis Hollywood Auction did not bring in the money that the auction house had expected or hoped for. Several items, including jewelry, clothing and even a guitar remained unsold. And the items that did find a new owner, left the auction table for bargain prizes.

These are some of the most interesting items of the Hollywood Auction:
  • TCB jacket worn by Felton Jarvis: 1500 dollar
  • Necklace with a cross given by Elvis to Linda Thompson's mother: 4000 dollar
  • A suit from It Happened at the World's Fair: 11.000 dollar
  • A diamond TCB necklace owned by concert promoter Tom Hulett: 8000 dollar
  • Pair of Elvis's sun glasses : 5500 dollar
  • Love Me Tender lyric sheet: 4250 dollar
King Idol

Alien After All released an updated version of their iPhone game "King Idol. (version 1.2). 

They came to Las Vegas in their thousands to take part in KING IDOL. Only 5 remain. Who will be crowned King? The choice is yours. Enter the contest, train each contestant with your fingertips, create your own routines and send audiences wild with hysteria! Every week, one contestant is eliminated. 
To make it to the end you must prove you’re a dance-floor warrior worthy of the KING. Pull off the big moves and moonwalk, step, slide, lunge, splits, 360° and 720° your way to becoming the next Idol.

To get the nod from the Judges, a respectable score, and some respect on the dance-floor, stay with the tempo and vary your movements. Use the all the space of the stage, get under the stage lights, and always, always, please the crowd!

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