June 21- A Low Hound Dog Record

The RDM Edition budget label released the 30 track CD "Hound Dog - A World Of Rock And Roll  The Original Version" containing 30 tracks from 1954 to 1960.

A Low Record

Lots of people try to break Guinness Book of World Records, but have you ever met someone who's actually done it? Roger Menees of Anna is now the record holder for the "lowest note recorded by a human voice." 

Roger Menees says he's always been known for his low-singing voice, and now, after two attempts, he can finally say he holds a world record for the deep sound. "The record gets down below singing voice," he said. Guinness also required Roger to have two college music professors be present when he recorded the low note. It was with mixed emotions Roger beat the record of one of his favorite singers, J. D. Sumner who sang bass with Elvis Presley.

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