June 25 - Auction Results

Several Elvis Presley items were auctioned at the Music Icons Auction. The results: 

Jack Lord personally owned Martin 0021 guitar, serial number 133248, played by Elvis Presley while visiting his friend Jack Lord. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the Estate of Jack and Marie Lord. EU: This item sold once before in the Jack Lord auction a few years ago. EST: $ 10,000.00 - $ 15,000.00 US Dollars  - Sold for 13,000.00 US Dollars
Fourteen karat gold TCB pendant and chain given to stuntman Dan Koko by Elvis Presley after a game of racketball. The TCB logo was created by Elvis (and by some accounts Priscilla Presley) for the so-called Memphis Mafia, a group of men loyal to Presley. He is known to have given these necklaces away out of loyalty or generosity. Accompanied by two certificates of authenticity, one from Joe Esposito and one from Jack London Graphics Ltd. EST: $ 10,000.00- $ 12,000.00 US Dollars - Sold for 10,000.00 US Dollars
Purchasing and refurbishing the secondhand machinery will trim thousands of dollars from the Zippin Pippin price tag, officials said.
City leaders plan to spend $3 million re-creating the Zippin Pippin, which previously operated in Memphis, Tenn., and was renowned as Elvis Presley's favorite amusement park ride. Green Bay parks director Bill Landvatter said Martin & Vleminckx officials were helpful in pursuing the Zippin Pippin purchase from Memphis. Officials are certain the same consulting firm should oversee the project here, Landvatter said.
Martin & Vleminckx partner Chuck Bingham said his company took apart the Thunder Eagle coaster, so officials knew the parts were available. The wooden coaster operated briefly in 2001 in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., before financial difficulties closed the amusement park there.
Green Bay has agreed to spend $215,000 purchasing and $182,000 refurbishing the Thunder Eagle's motors, brakes and other mechanics. New parts would have cost at least twice that much, Bingham said, adding that Martin & Vleminckx can attest to the quality of the Thunder Eagle machinery.
"We know exactly what's there and the condition it's in," he said. "All of that equipment will be like new."
Using the Thunder Eagle parts and the historic Zippin Pippin design, officials hope to establish a major new attraction at city-owned Bay Beach.
City officials last month finalized the purchase deal, which gives Green Bay exclusive rights to the Zippin Pippin name, design, layout and history.
Under its contract, Martin & Vleminckx will provide engineering and design work, acquire all lumber and other raw materials, fabricate the wooden coaster frame, and supervise all construction.
The Florida-based consultants have similarly managed other coaster projects in New York, Arkansas, Texas, Kentucky and elsewhere.
Monty Jasper, vice president of Cedar Fair Entertainment Co., said his Ohio-based company has hired Martin & Vleminckx many times for roller coasters and other projects. He called the consulting firm one of the few outside companies he would trust with virtually any amusement ride need.
"They're kind of a well-rounded group," Jasper said. "They know their p's and q's around wooden coasters and rides in general."
Goldplate wirework pendant said to have been worn by Elvis as a "Lucky Chinese Pendant" worn for good luck. Elvis gave the necklace to his cousin and friend, Billy Smith. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the Elvis Presley Museum. Pendant, 2 3/4 by 1 1/2 inches. EST $ 2,000.00 - $ 4,000.00 US Dollars 
Sold for 7,500.00 US Dollars
Gray gabardine shirt worn by Elvis Presley in the film "King Creole" (Paramount Pictures, 1958) as he played the troubled but talented Danny Fisher. Studio wardrobe tags present read, "Elvis Presley" with numbers (illegible in their entirety). Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from hairstylist Homer Gilleland and a copy of the film. No size present. EU: This item has also been in a previous auction. EST: $ 2,000.00 - $ 4,000.00 US Dollars - Sold for 8,000.00 US Dollars

Royal blue velour Suedura Original shirt Styled by Enro and worn by Elvis Presley on the cover of his 1958 "Christmas With Elvis" EP (RCA 4340). Accompanied by a copy of the album and a letter of authenticity from Homer Gilleland, Elvis Presley's hairdresser for over 20 years. Gilleland was given this shirt personally from Presley. Size medium. EST: $ 4,000.00 - $ 6,000.00 US Dollars 
Sold for 17,000.00 US Dollars
Black rayon shirt with pink yoke worn by Elvis Presley on "The Milton Berle Show" on June 5, 1956. This was Elvis' second appearance on the show, and he famously sang "Hound Dog," creating controversy with his gyrating pelvis and earning himself the nickname "Elvis the Pelvis." Accompanied by an affidavit on TCB stationery, from Homer Gilleland, Elvis' personal hairdresser for over 20 years, stating that this shirt was one of Elvis' favorite shirts in the 1950s, purchased at Lansky's in Memphis, Tennessee and personally given to Gilleland by Presley. EST: $ 6,000.00 - $ 8,000.00 US Dollars
Surprise Highest sold Elvis item -Sold on the floor for 51,000.00 US Dollars

Elvis Presley cocktail ring, size 9.5, with seven full-cut diamonds totaling 1.30 carats and graded i-J color and SI clarity, mounted in 10 karat gold brushed gold, accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Joe Esposito. In the letter, Esposito explains that the ring, consisting of over 1.5 carats of diamonds, was purchased by Elvis in the mid-1970s and worn during several concerts. Accompanied by a photograph of Elvis wearing this item on stage. EST $ 10,000.00 - $ 13,000.00 US Dollars
Sold for 13,000.00 US Dollars
Elvis pants from an unknown MGM production. With an MGM studio tag that reads, "Elvis." Black pants with three-button closure, one button broken. No size present. Waist measures 35 inches.
 EST: $ 1,000.00 - $  2,000.00 US Dollars
Sold for 1,000.00 US Dollars

10 karat gold and onyx ring with small diamond, worn by Elvis Presley in "The Trouble With Girls (And How to Get Into It)" (MGM, 1969). Gifted to Alan Fortas, a childhood friend and prominent member of the Memphis Mafia who was an extra in some of Elvis' films and foreman of Elvis' Circle G Ranch in Mississippi, after the film wrapped. Accompanied by a copy of the film and a letter of authenticity from Fortas. EST: $ 10,000.00 - $ 20,000.00 US Dollars 
Sold for 15,000.00 US Dollars

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