November 01 - Blue Error

The Amra Record budget label released the CD 'Blue Awaii' containing tracks from the 'Blue Hawaii' sessions. It was probably too much trouble to spell the title correctly.The CD was originally released September 30, 2011.

FTD And Import Top 40 October 2011

Follow That Dream Top 40

No changes in the top 5, Elvis Is Back remained on the #1 spot. From this year's releases only 'Live In Vegas' made it into the top 40. The very recent '48 Hours To Memphis' got its first points too.

The October FTD Top 401 (1) Elvis Is Back! (2005)
2 (2) The Jungle Room Sessions (2000)
3 (3) Good Times (2009)
4 (4) Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old) (2008)
5 (5) That's The Way It Is (2008)

Import Top 40 October 2011
In the top 5 no changes, 'Rebooked At The International' is close to entering the top 40.

The October Import Top 40

1 (1) A Greensboro Revolution! (2008)
2 (2) American Crown Jewels (1996)
3 (3) Finding The Way Home (1999)
4 (4) A Hot Winter Night In Dallas (1998)
5 (5) From Sunset Blvd to Paradise Rd (1996)

Latest Billboard Album Charts And Sales

This week, 'An Afternoon In The Garden' drops one place from #123 to #124 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts and remains at #15 on the Catalog Album Charts for w/e 5th November, 2011.

Elvis #16 In Belgian RIP Top 50
The Belgian radio station 'Studio Brussel', a nationwide station that aims at an audience between 14 and 25 years - broadcasted the RIP 50 today. Although the station is for a (very) young audience, still the listeners voted Elvis on #16 in the list of most missed performers. Other missed celebrities included Stevie Ray Vaughan (21), Roy Orbison (38), George Harrison (40) and James Brown (43). Freddy Mercury got 2nd place, Kurt Cobain first.

(Source: ElvisMatters / ElvisNews)

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