Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 31 - Collecting Elvis Cars

Originally announced in February more details became available for Sean O'Neal's upcomming book entitled "Collecting Elvis Presley - The 1950's". The book is due this summer and had Joe Krein as one of the contributors using 100s of images from his collection. 
The book includes:
• 700 Color Photographs of Elvis Memorabilia
• Selection of never before pictured Elvis collector's items
• Current Market Value of each item
• Tips for making sure that you buy authentic Elvis collectibles
• History of EPE (Elvis Presley Enterprises).

 Ernie Barrasso Died

Memphis legend Ernie Barrasso died Saturday after a long illness. Ernie lived his life with style and humor, generosity, and charm. His big thrill came after running with Red West and the Elvis Gang; he used to join them when they rented out the roller skating rink and the movie theaters after hours with Elvis and his many friends. One afternoon while watching television at Elvis’ house, an advertisement came on the TV showing the new Thunderbird sport car for Ford Motor Company. Elvis asked Ernie if he had seen the car, because he thought it was really cool, and that there was only a few Ford dealerships that were allowed to sell the car, as it was a limited edition. 
Ernie told Elvis that they had a red one on the showroom floor where he worked. Elvis told him he wanted to come by the next morning to see it. Elvis met Ernie at the lot, saw the car and told Ernie “he would take it”. After doing the paperwork Elvis got in the car and someone snapped a picture of Elvis sitting in the front seat with Ernie standing by the open door. 

(Source: ElvisMatters / Essential Elvis)