Monday, April 02, 2012

April 02 - On Blue Suede Shoes Through My Photobook

The Dutch Elvis For Everyone announced the release of a new book entitled 'Elvis Walk A Mile In My Shoes'. 
From the press-release:
Elvis For Everyone! Publication has built a good reputation over the years with past photo-books like the highly successful “Images” series. We are now putting the finishing touches on a book titled simply “Elvis Walk A Mile In My Shoes” (A4 size, 140 pages) that will blow our earlier books right out of the water.
The book will contain many amazing photos from 1954 to 1977, and most of these have never been seen before, not even in books like “Elvis Files”. Many of these photos were taken directly from the original negatives and dias, thus ensuring top quality, and some of these come from t  he collection of Elvis’ associates and musicians, one of whom has written the foreword for this remarkable book. The majority of these photos are in stunning color, and in the A4 format you can see all the details with amazing clarity. If you get only one book this year, then make sure that it’s “Elvis: Walk A Mile In My Shoes” – the one book that can actually live up to its hype. Publication: May 2012.

Interesting Bids At Elvis Auction

Although the main Elvis Auction of this celebration year takes place in August (Peabody Hotel, Memphis, during Elvis Week), still the sales of some great items resulted in interesting bidding prices last weekens, at the online auction of Gotta Have Rock 'n' Roll. Among the eye catchers there were these four items.

Jailhouse Rock costume: 32.211 dollar
Red/white casual suit: 22.795 dollar
14 k gold ring diamaonds: 17.270 dollar
A 2 piece pajama: 8.633 dollar 

Elvis's Blue Suede Shoes Withdrawn

A pair of Blue Suede Shoes were said to be signed by Elvis Presley in 1956 and the picture shown was said to prove it. Sadly though, the shoe he is signing is not the same as the one that was set to be auctioned off this weekend. The shoe in the photo is clearly a slip on shoe, it certainly has no laces and therefore must in itself bring doubt onto the actual signed shoe. Perhaps because of the growing doubt of the authenticity, the the was been withdrawn from the auction this weekend. 

(Source: EPG / ElvisMatters)