Sunday, September 20, 2020

September 20 - Elvis I Danmark

Gads Forlag announced the release of the 300-page hardback book 'Elvis I Danmark' ('Elvis In Denmark)by Bertel Nygaard with November 6th as the release date. 

Description: Elvis is eternally current as one of the great popular cultural phenomena of world history that infuriated and fascinated. 

He was and is at the same time an expression of the Americanization that the entire Western world experienced after World War II. 

In this book, historian and Elvis expert Bertel Nygaard tells how the dangerous Elvis Presley changed Denmark forever, even though he never set foot in the country, and how he remains an indispensable cultural icon.

No More Elvis Beer

BrewDog has lost a legal battle with the estate of Elvis Presley over the name of one of a best-selling beer.

The beer maker launched its “Brewdog Elvis Juice” IPA in 2015 and it now has annual sales of £6.4 million in the UK alone.

Bosses were contacted by lawyers from the late singer’s estate who demanded they change the name.

The craft brewing company, based in Ellon, had won the right to register the brand as a trademark in the UK in 2018. However, they have been denied exclusive rights to the name in Europe – potentially threatening sales on the continent.

Although Elvis Presley died in 1977, his name and likeness have been trademarked by Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE), which earns millions of dollars every year.

EPE objected after BrewDog applied to register the name as a trademark for beers to be sold in European countries.

The Elvis estate said the application overlapped with its registered trademark “Elvis” and people could mistakenly believe that the beer was endorsed by them. Now the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has found in favour of the Elvis estate.

Tinseltown Troubadour Released

The Lauderdale Records, ‘Tinseltown Troubadour Vol. 1’ has been released. 

From the press release: this new 30-plus tracks release offers a wild ‘n’ crazy joyride through Elvis’ movie years, in a fresh and exciting new way with movie versions, studio outtakes and alternative mixes, as well as rare promo spots and memorable movie dialogue. Everything has been freshly edited and mixed in glorious mono, and you’ll notice right away that these songs sound way groovier this way. 

There are surprises a’ plenty on these releases, including a cleverly edited version of ‘Angel’ that begins solo, but then slowly turns into a full band version, as well as a truly gorgeous ‘As Long As I Have You’. And remember, all the elements used are original. Packaged in beautiful digipacks with rare color pix they promise two  smooth-groovin’, fast-movin’, hip-shakin’, shagadelic collections of Elvis Movie Magic that you just gotta have! 

“That ain’t cheap tactics, honey. It’s just the beast in me”.

(Source: Memphis Mansion / Gads Forlag / Press and Journal)