December 14 - Walk A Lonely Street to a Honeymoon Hideaway

Author Tony Plews published his book 'Walk A Lonely Street: Elvis Presley, Country Music & The True Story of Heartbreak Hotel'. The book was 10 years in the making. 

DescriptionThe book Walk A Lonely Street: Elvis Presley, Country Music & The True Story of Heartbreak Hotel' is a unique volume that tells the tale of Elvis Presley’s rise to fame as viewed through the lens of his era-defining first hit record, “Heartbreak Hotel”. 

Presented as a series of consecutive short stories, it offers a new perspective on Presley’s musical and cultural achievements, and reveals the true and dramatic saga behind the breakthrough song that launched his career and changed the world.

For reviews and more information on how to order visit the authors website: >>> George Smith Publications


Postponed and Closed

The installation and inauguration of the Elvis' statue on the famous bridge in Bad Nauheim has been postponed due to the increasing number of covid infections in Germany. 

The statue was set to be inaugurated on January 8, 2021, Elvis' birthday. The bronze statue will be placed on a completely renovated bridge in the park, where the photo shoot with Elvis took place.

In America too, measures are beginning to take again to halt the spread of the corona virus. The birth house and the site around Tupelo is closed indefinitely. We received the message from the management of the Elvis Presley Birthplace in Tupelo that it has been decided to close the house, church, museum, and chapel to guarantee everyone's safety.


A mystery buyer couldn’t help falling in love with Elvis Presley’s honeymoon hideaway — and has agreed to purchase the saucer-shaped Palm Springs, California, home for more than its $2.5 million listing price.

Elvis and Priscilla rented the five-bedroom, five-bathroom hideaway in Palm Springs for their honeymoon in 1967. The futuristic home is made of four connected pods — some spherical, others hexagonal. It first splashed onto the architectural scene as Look Magazine’s 1962 “House of Tomorrow.”

Histed, of California brokerage Bennion Deville Homes, said that the home at 1350 Ladera Circle had several conditional offers over the past few years that fell through. The property was listed 10 times over the past six years and on Nov. 30, offered a nearly 75% discount from its original $9.5 million asking price in 2014. 

(Source: Tony Plews / ElvisMatters / Elvis In Bronze / NYT Post)