December 22 - Girl Happy at the Speedway

Warner Bros. announced the re-issue of of the movies 'Speedway' and 'Girl Happy' on DVD in their 'Archive Collection series. The DVDs are due January 26th 2021.

Speedway: He races. She chases. Yet love and laughter find a way when World 600 stock car driver Elvis meets Internal Revenue Service collection agent Nancy Sinatra in Speedway. There Ain't Nothing Like a Song, pedal-to-the-metal Elvis and go-go-booted Nancy sing. For the first time since he and Ann-Margret proclaimed Viva Las Vegas, Presley pairs with a high-octane singing, dancing leading lady. Bill Bixby is the manager who mismanages Presley into a $145,000 jam with the IRS, and laughs are further fueled by veteran TV funnymen Gale Gordon (The Lucy Show) and Carl Ballantine (McHales Navy). The supersonic song list includes Let Yourself Go, Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby and Your Groovy Self. Have a groovy time!

Girl Happy: Spring break in Fort Lauderdale. Its the perfect time and place for a girl, a guy and a beach blanket and for a box-office bonanza when Elvis Presley goes Girl Happy. Rock and rolls first icon was ranked 6th among the top box-office stars when he headlined this fun-never-sets shindig. He portrays club singer Rusty Wells, who, when not wowing the crowds, has the added task of making sure the overly exuberant daughter of his boss (Harold J. Stone) doesn't fall for any revved up bikini chasers while on vacation. Shelley Fabares, Presleys favorite leading lady and a singing star in her own right (her 1962 tune Johnny Angel was a #1 hit), plays the daughter. And the lively songs include Do the Clam, Puppet on a String, the title tune and nine more ways to keep fans movie happy.

(Source: Amazon)