Tuesday, March 23, 2021

March 23 - An A to Z of Elvis: Infrequently Asked Questions

The 62-page book 'An A to Z of Elvis: Infrequently Asked Questions' by Joe Shooman and illustrator Gary McGarvey was released. 

Description: Elvis Presley is alive and well, and living in Kalamazoo. Elvis Presley is alive and well, preaching the gospel in Arkansas. The man that died in 1977 was one of Elvis’ brothers. Did you know he was a triplet Elvis faked his death and has been working for the FBI ever since. Elvis communicates with parapsychologists from beyond the grave. Elvis is Cherokee. Elvis is Welsh. Elvis is Scottish. Elvis is German. Elvis is ... Elvis is all these things and more. 

An A to Z of Elvis researched the far-flung corners of Elvisology to dig out some of the more out-there theories and beliefs about the legendary singer. It is a book that shines a spotlight on some of the most controversial and contradictory ‘facts’ floating around about The King, and in doing so investigates how these proclamations hold up to scrutiny.

This is no ordinary rehash of the same old Presley story: that’s been told a million times. There is a reason that An A to Z of Elvis is subtitled Infrequently Asked Questions. So dive in at your leisure: there are layers upon layers of information, oodles of off-the-wall assertions and a bunch of good old mysteries to ponder within these beautifully illustrated pages.

There’s one thing we can all agree on, though: Elvis Presley is a true legend. 

You can read a review by Nigel Patterson on the >>> Elvis Information Network.

Ethel Gabriel Died

Ethel Gabriel, an Emmy and Grammy-winning record producer, with over twenty-five hundred releases to her credit, died. She was 99. 

Ethel was the first female record-producer and turned RCA’s sleepy Camden label into a major profit center. She said she was on hand at the 1955 meeting in which the RCA executive Stephen Sholes signed Elvis Presley. 

Later in her career she was in charge of RCA’s  Camden label and the ‘Legendary Performer’ and ‘Pure Gold’ reissue lines. She produced various Elvis Presley budget compilations. The album ‘Pure Gold’ was certified Gold. 

Collecting Elvis

Released in Sweden is a Bokasin Guide Special on Elvis Presley. The magazine helps readers start with with a new hobby. 

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