Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Review Elvis Day By Day 2020 by Paul Belard

Elvis Presley author Paul Belard reviewed my book 'Elvis Day By Day 2020', I couldn't be more proud. 

Review Elvis Day By Day 2020

If you have been an Elvis fan, but living as a hermit for the past 44 years, you’ve missed the news of Elvis passing. If you decide to end your years of seclusion in 2021 and your first stop back to civilization is a book store to catch up on Elvis’ career, the last book by Kees Mouwen would still not confirm the King’s final departure. With a title 'Elvis Day By Day 2020 - The Year in Review', how could Elvis be dead?

Well, unfortunately, he is! As incredible as it is, it will be soon half a century since he left us. So, as Alanna Nash writes in the foreword: “Why do we still care?”

Kees’ book answers the question straightforwardly. Impeccably written, in an attractive and easy to read composition, it is peppered with facts accompanied by high quality B&W and color pictures. It demonstrates in detail that Elvis is still present and influential. And those news items are plentiful since, as the book clearly proves, something still happens almost every day in Elvis world. 

In a clever fashion, interviews, film and record reviews are inserted in the day to day listings. The recording sessions that produced two of my favorite albums are examined. They resulted in 'Something for Everybody' and 'His Hand in Mine'. Elvis’ voice had never been so accomplished, with a suppleness and a smoothness, an “effortless grace” as Ernst Jorgensen qualified it in his book 'Elvis Presley A Life In Music'. The spirited interaction with the Jordanaires was faultless, the backing from the Nashville greats pristine. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank Kees for listing my books published in 2020, notably for the three-page review of 'Elvis 1960 March 7 to 31'.

Kees should be congratulated on two points. Firstly, to have brought to the 21st century the idea of Guralick and Jorgensen’s 'Elvis Day By Day'. Secondly, for the time and effort that such an endeavor requires. Believe me, I know. I have written several books. It is hard work. Long hours of research resulting in blurry vision and sore wrists. I can also tell that Kees does not do this for the money. To sell a 312 page book of this quality, with color throughout, for only $44 does not leave any room for profit. 

With its gorgeous design, its amount of information, 'Elvis Day By Day 2020 - The Year in Review' confirms that Elvis has even now a presence to be reckoned with. It is a must for every Elvis fan. It is a book I will go back to time and time again. Thank you Kees for your work.

March 2021, Paul Belard.

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