Friday, May 07, 2021

May 07 - Back In Atlanta

The BJ Records import label announced the release of the CD "Elvis Is Back In Atlanta!''

From the press release: For years fans have been wanting a release of the soundboard of this show that took place on december 30th 1976, however when it was released the sound wasn't up to snuff in large part due to the way it was recorded it was also very unbalanced.

We worked very hard in achieving the optimal sound quality, and balancing everything out. it doesn't get much better then this!

Combining the audience recording and the soundboard we achieved a good result, a so called matrix-recording, giving back some warmth and depth to a show that deserves it.

Newspapers were raving about this show with The Atlanta Journal stating "This Thursday show at the Omni was tops, the best possible year-end present for his Atlanta fans'' and ''His vitality is restored and he was full of pep. Furthermore, he was in a good mood. He was giving his best and knew it, adding a wonderful aura of self-confidence to the show.''

The show consists of great renditions of ''Fairytale'' ''Reconsider Baby'' ''That's All Right'' and the highlight of it all .. ''Such A Night'' which was only performed twice live.

We hope you enjoy the results as countless hours have been put into this to get it just righ.

(Source: FECC)