May 09 - This Is Elvis In Jailhouse Rock

Due from GM Editions on June 17th 2021 in the 'Cine Rock 'N' Soul' series is the 72-page book / CD combo 'Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock' by Alain Gardinier.

Elvis The Movie

WVG Medien GmbH announced the re-issue of 'Elvis The Movie' on DVD in Germany. The release date for the 1979 John Carpenter movie starring Kurt Russell as Elvis is September 24, 2021. 

Recorded At The Fontainebleau

The Danish Memphis Mansion added the DVD 'Elvis Presley - Recorded At The Fontainebleau' featuring an upgrade of the original 'It's Nice toGo Trav'ling' TV show. Welcome Home Elvis'. 

(Source: FNAC / Amazon / Memphis Mansion)