May 24 - Elvis Encore Performance VII

Joseph Tunzi announced the release of the book 'Elvis Encore Performance VII: An Evening In Blue (June 17, 1972)'. More information when available. 

Elvis Is Back

The Glamourama Record label announced the release of 'Elvis Is Back' on LP with the 2 bonus tracks 'Stuck On You' and 'I Gotta Know' on a orange colored 7-inch single. The release-date is set for June 25th 2021. 

Unlocked: Memoirs of Elvis's First Girlfriend

New in the Graceland Store is the 171-page hardback book 'Unlocked: Memoirs of Elvis's First Girlfriend' by Dixie Locke Emmons and Kirsti Emmons Jones. Dixie Locke is regarded as Elvis's first girlfriend, in this memoir she recollects her experiences with Elvis over time.  

Dixie Locke Emmons was 15 years old when she spotted Elvis Presley at the First Assembly of God in Memphis. At 19, the future King of Rock had a start in his career thanks to a recent recording with Sun Records, but that didn't stop him from pursuing love.

"Dixie's heartwarming book is a must read for not only Elvis fans but for those who are curious about his early life before fame.  Her story is captivating in that you feel like you are living it with her." (Priscilla Presley).

(Source: JAT Publishing / Phoenix Elvis Forum / In-Akustik / Amazon / Graceland)