Monday, April 11, 2022

April 11 - Elvis Day By Day 2021 Reviewed

The ‘Elvis Day By Day 2021’ book was recently reviewed by the German Elvis Club Berlin for their ‘Memories of Elvis’ magazine and on-line by the Belgian ElvisMatters fan-club.

The Elvis Club Berlin noted: The book is neatly organized and all the events related to Elvis in some way are listed on a day-by-day basis. Of many publications there is also a more or less detailed discussion. A very nice compilation. 


ElvisMatters noted: All the Elvis news from 2021 nicely organized in this book with more than 60 in-depth reviews about the important music, film and book releases by and for Elvis fans, Elvis experts and Elvis authors from around the world, making this book has become a real 'international edition'. 


Originally the first book Day By Day was somewhat labeled as 'superfluous', today it appears that this book has been picked up several times when listening to the many releases of recent years. So in short, an informative book that can give you even more pleasure after purchasing so many handsome Elvis items!


The ‘Elvis Day By Day 2021’ book contains contributions by Elvis experts, fans and authors like Carlos R. Ares (Argentina), Piers Beagley, Nigel Patterson and Geoffrey McDonnell (Australia), Andy Pendl (Austria), Robert Gilbert (Canada), Michael Sander and Thomas D. Weiß (Germany), Rogier van Luyken (The Netherlands), Giuseppe Castiglia (United Kingdom), Phil Gelormine and Trina Young (United States).

I'd like to say: It is the kind of book you need to see to get the idea and experience the wealth of information and in-depth reviews of this annual Elvis Presley reference.

For more information, reviews and previews go to the >>> 'Elvis Day By Day 2021' page.


The book is available on-line from >>>, >>> or the >>> Poplar Tunes webshop. If you want an autographed copy, >>> contact the author.