Monday, November 28, 2022

November 28 - Shake, Rattle and Blue Moon

Alan R. Tranter published his 267-page book 'Shake, Rattle and Blue Moon: The Formative Recordings of Elvis Presley 1953-1960'.

Description: In 1953, Elvis Presley made his very first recording, paying around $4 for two sides of a demonstration disc at the Sun Studios in his hometown of Memphis.

It was a humble beginning, but a significant one. This book traces what came next; the local success that within a couple of years would explode into worldwide stardom, which would endure for the rest of his life, and beyond.

It is not a biography, it is more accurately a chronicle of Elvis' growth; his visits to the recording studio, his first movies, his record releases, his influences, his live performances, his TV appearances, all of which paint a picture of the artist who became, and remained, King.

When Elvis completed his National Service, in 1960, he emerged almost anew. In this book, the author draws a line from that fledgling artist to the 25 year old that emerged, poised to take on the decade that would usher in so many (as yet unknown) musical (and social) changes.

(Source: Elvis Information Network / Amazon)