Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Review Like A Black Tornado Live at the Boston Garden 1971

Following the release of the ‘Like A Black Tornado’ CD, the U.K. based Memphis Recording Service released a Limited Edition vinyl edition of this album. Time to give this classic concert a spin, literally.



When the CD edition of this concert was released I hoped an LP would follow soon, and the label did not disappoint. The battle for the best cover of 2022 isn’t decided yet, but this cover will definitely end-up in the Top 3, what a beauty! There is only one small difference to the front-cover of the CD, the Rhine-stones from Elvis’ suit at the top of the album. This design looks a little more subtle, a good change. 


The vinyl comes on black and clear “colored” 180 Gr. vinyl, the latter only available through fan clubs and selected dealers. 




The LP contains the same concert at the CD version, Elvis’ captivating November 10, 1971 performance as recorded in Boston, in the newly created 2022 stereo mix. The concert was reviewed for the CD release, but there are a few small differences compared to the CD edition. Omitted on this LP are the instrumental ‘Coming Home Baby’, the incomplete performance of ‘How Great Thou Art’ and the introductions. A good choice, because the concert is not interrupted, keeping the flow of the performance going.


The vinyl feels solid and is looks flat. I heard no crackling sounds while playing the LP and the audio sounded good to these ears. A bit heavy / low in the mix, but that’s due to the source. There probably will be some discussion amongst fans and audio-experts if these kind of recordings - especially when also remixed to stereo from a slightly damaged soundboard source - will improve from a vinyl release. But like the CD edition, or the many other official and vinyl boots that appeared the past few years, will remain a matter of taste.




A well designed novelty release, that will find a nice visible place in my LP-cabinet. Yes, size matters, especially with a cover like this. The concert is enjoyable and spinning it on vinyl adds to the vintage experience, the reason to get a release like this one.

The LP is available from Amazon and from >>> The Memphis Recording Service website.