Friday, November 25, 2022

Review Las Vegas international Presents: Elvis Now 1971

Following the May 2022 release of the 4-CD-set ‘Las Vegas international Presents: Elvis Now 1971’ we get the 2-LP version. 




As we have come to expect from the U.K. based Memphis Recording Service record label the design is top notch again. A strong picture of a slim Elvis in his Turquoise Concho suit against a black background with a touch of the “Elvis In Vegas” typography in the title. It looks both authentic and modern at the same time. 

Opening the gate-fold the design inside is more simple, just 7 pictures from the various shows. On the back we get the songs and basic information with a again a nice picture of our man. Overall it is a great looking package that will catch your eye when you see it on display in a record-store. 


The music is presented on traditional black and on clear vinyl. I’m spinning the latter, and although it looks great, my advice is not to look at it too much while playing the disc, you might get dizzy! The vinyl itself is good, almost no crackling sound or ticks whatsoever.




The 2-LP features a selection from the original 4-CD-set, focusing on the January 28, 1971 Dinner Show performance and February 23, 1971 Closing Show. Added to that are 6 bonus tracks from the January 27th Midnight Show, the January 28th and 29th Dinner Show performances which are not part of the set-lists of the main shows on this double LP. Smart and good additions that really complete the set.


I’ve been playing these two discs a few times now, and they don’t disappoint. They contain great music, and upbeat Elvis, who is in control of the show and the TCB band, having fun with the musicians but at the same time directing them to deliver the music how he wants it to sound.


The music is presented in newly created stereo and that is what you hear while playing the album, there is enough separation between the channels and the audio sounds good. On some tracks there is a little distortion due to errors in the original tapes / CDs used to create this set. Just listen to the great ‘Johnny B. Goode’ or ‘That’s All Right’ these were recorded a little too loud and you hear it. But as they really rock, I can easily overhear that as I’m enjoying the performances! If you listen to the acapella opening of ‘How Great thou Art’ with The Imperials, you hear the mix and audio-quality are good. 


If you like this new stereo presentation of the original mono recordings will always be a matter of taste which I’ll leave up to each listener. Read my review of the original CD for the details and more in-depth reviews of the concerts. 




This double LP is a great looking and sounding representation of this first 1971 Vegas engagement that gives us a strong Elvis performing a very entertaining selection of classic hits. 


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The 2-LP is available from the >>> Memphis Recording Service website and Amazon.