Thursday, December 01, 2022

December 01 - Tampa Wave Preview

The Millbranch records import record label posted a promotional video on YouTube for their upcoming 'Tampa Wave' CD / DVD release. 

Watch the opening sequence in HD:

Update on James Burton

James Burton's family posted another update on James' health. 

James is in the Vanderbilt hospital rehab as of yesterday.πŸ˜‡
He is doing better but his kidney is still struggling but his blood levels are gradually getting better. 
However, with Rehab he is in more pain.😞
He is so excited to be exercising now.  He’ll be walking again soon with your Prayers for complete recovery and playing better than everπŸ™✝️🎸
He knows how important your prayers are and wants you to know he is working HARD to play & see you again soon 🎸😎
Thank you so much, God bless you all and please share...the Burton Family.


Dennis van Tiel published his book 'Mijn Boek met Bebopalulaverhalen', the 20th Volume in the “Annual” Almost in Elvis publication series.

Synopsis: For almost two decades, Dennis van Tiel in the Netherlands has been publishing a very unusual annual series under the banner of his Almost in Elvis club / organization. 

The construction of each volume is always innovative and obtuse, and a wonderful tribute to the socio-cultural impact that Elvis continues to have 45 years after his death.

Each release is based around a theme, and to date the themes have been eclectic, ranging from 'All Shook Up' (Elvis and sports) to 'Desert Storm' (the infamous rants that Elvis had while performing in Las Vegas in 1974). The style and the design of each release have also been different for every issue, sometimes a book, other times a magazine, sometimes large, other times small in size (dimensions).

The Elvis Information Network asked Dennis to explain the “holy” theme and content for his 2022 volume, the title of which translates to My Book with Be Bop A Lula Stories:

... ‘As contemporary apostles, eleven writers, poets, artists and expert enthusiasts have plunged into the source, my book of be-bop-a-lula stories tells about the birth of true music and its Messenger. The Savior united nations, freed love from its shame, and enriched poor souls. We hope that the stories and verses of praise are moving and cause you to sing.

My book with be-bop-a-lula stories is a periodical brimming with facts and fantasies in Biblical book form. 'Hardcover, 172 colorful pages filled with essays, poems, stories and verses of praise' Including the indispensable reading ribbon! A little bit of pious musical story doesn’t make a person any worse, so don’t hesitate and let yourself be carried away.

My motivation in coming up with this edition was for it to be a kind of new holy book.

The whole idea is based on a children’s bible I got as a present when I was around eight years old from a Jehovah schoolfriend. This together with the mail I have received in the last twenty years from angry Elvis fans who couldn’t grasp the humor, irony and more literary-based approach in Almost in Elvis, got me thinking that it feels like all the fuzz about the cartoons made about the prophet Muhammad.

Despite the fact that every edition is made with love and passion, some people seemed only be focused on the “blasphemy” parts. So it gave me a sense of religious expressions. So that’s why this 20th edition of the twenty year Almost in Elvis is shaped as a new holy book. Elvis’ name is
never mentioned, neither are most existing places, other names or years. But, of course, his life and that of his ancestors are the backbone (characters) of this new holy book.

The construction of this book: Mijn boek met bebopalulaverhalen (My book with be-bop-a-lula stories) is split into three parts. The first part (like the Old Testament) tells the story of the ancestors from the arriving in the Promised Land (USA) until the moment the parents of the Messenger meet up. The second part tells the story of the Messenger, who has brought us the holy music (R’n’R), from his birth until his death. And the third part is like a book of psalms with poems focused on the 23 chapters in parts 1 and 2.

So while each edition of Almost in Elvis is always something different, this time it is really different!’

(Source: Your Favourite ELVIS CD, LP, DVD & Book on Facebook / James Burton / Elvis information Network / Almost in Elvis)