Saturday, December 17, 2022

December 17 - SUN's Prodigy Was Delivered

A few days later than expected, the printed copies of 'ELVIS Prodigy of SUN Records' were delivered at KJ Consulting / The Elvis Files headquarters in Norway. 

The authors, Erik Lorentzen and Erik van Beek stated: we are absolutely delighted with these books. "The printing is much better than expected", were his first words after leafing through the publications. From this day on, there will be a rush to ship all worldwide orders. As previously stated on the site, the LP will be released a little later, it'll be sent to everyone for free when pressing is done. 

Most likely the set will not make it to your home before Christmas. Sorry for this but we really did our best to get everything done on time. Nevertheless, you will enjoy many hours of reading it over and over and drool over the quality of this box set. The photos in these two volumes are ... gee, just awesome - breathtakingly - absurdly good.

We wish you a very happy Christmas and thank you for all the trust you've placed in us, including your patience. A big Thank You!

The book is available from >>> the Elvis Files site where you can watch a preview. 

The Inspirational Success Story

Peter Chasey published his 399-page book 'The Inspirational Success Story, Legacy and the Mysterious Death of Elvis Presley: Rock and Roll'. 

Note: buyer beware! The preview looks like a badly translated datadump from various sources. 

(Source:Various / Amazon)