Wednesday, July 12, 2023

July 12 - Elvis In Print (Updated)

Nigel Patterson announced the early 2024 release of the first volume of his multi-volume set titled 'Elvis in Print: A Comprehensive Annotated and Illustrated Bibliography 1955-2023'. The set will contain around 4,000 entries on Elvis Presley (related) book releases from around the world. 

Nigel Patterson is well known in the Elvis world as one of the editors behind the excellent >>> Elvis Information Network website. He also assisted many authors on their book projects, including my 'Elvis Day By Day - The year In Review' series. 

Publicity stated: After two decades of research, the first volume in 'Elvis in Print: A Comprehensive Annotated and Illustrated Bibliography 1955-2023', a four-part book set, will be published in early 2023.

Written by Nigel Patterson, the four-volume set will contain around 2,000 pages and more than 4,000 entries of Elvis books published in more than 30 countries.

Each entry will contain publication details and synopses for most entries. The set will feature color images of many book covers and promotional material (2,000+ images in total).

Books covered are:

  • English non-fiction releases
  • English fiction
  • Non-English non-fiction releases
  • Non-English fiction
  • Digital + Kindle edition books
  • Elvis in Popular Culture releases

'Elvis in Print' is not a typical bibliography. In addition to being the first Elvis bibliography to feature book covers and promotional material, it will also contain:

  • Sidebars discussing controversial releases and other interesting Elvis book issues;
  • Articles - the History of Elvis in Print, author features, the “first” Elvis book, the “most controversial” Elvis book, and a lot more; and
  • Lists, including Top 100 Non-Fiction Elvis books, Top 40 Fiction titles, and Prolific Authors.

Volume 1 (400 pages) contains entries for around 750 books and focuses on the following English language releases:

  • A History of Elvis in Print
  • Academic releases
  • Biographies (including entries for Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley)
  • Compendiums: Bibliographies, Catalogs, Discographies, Price Guides, Encyclopedias, Quiz and Trivia books
  • Conspiracy theories, Secret Friendships, and (seemingly) Tall Tales
  • Culinary Elvis
  • Deceptive titles
  • Elvis and the Colonel
  • Elvis and the Law
  • Elvis as Art
  • Elvis, Faith and Religion (including spirituality and psychic experiences)
  • Elvis for Younger Readers
  • Elvis in the Army

Volume 1 will be available initially as a "limited edition" hardback, and softcover release. More details and the 'Elvis in Print' Volume 1 book cover soon.

Note: There have been previous releases on Elvis books. In 1999 Greenwood Press published an Elvis bibliography, 'The Printed Elvis' by Steven Opdyke which included 400+ entries, and A Capella Book published' 'Infinite Elvis: An Annotated Bibliography' by Mary Hancock Hinds (a cappella books in 2001. The latter featured around 1,800 entries. 

Running for Vinyl

The SR import record label released two new colored editions of their LP / DVD set 'Running To The End', featuring the evening show from March 20th, 1976. 

Both colors - brown / gold and translucent red - limited to 50 copies each.

(Source: Nigel Patterson / Pascal Matteo)