Tuesday, June 05, 2012

June 05 - Elvis Regenerated On DVD

The Italian DJ Spankox released an exclusive megamix of the 10 newly remixed Elvis Presley's songs that will be released on his new remix-album 'Re:Generation'. 
The album, produced by Spankox aka Agostino Carollo with additional production by Highpass., is due on iTunes on June 5, 2012 and will released on CD on June 27, 2012. 
1. Little Sister / 2. Flaming Star / 3. I Feel So Bad / 4. As Long As I Have You / 5. Judy / 6. I’m Coming Home / 7. Crawfish / 8. In Your Arms / 9. I Want You With Me / 10. King Creole.

Maestros from the Vaults: The Elvis Collection DVD

The 3 DVD set 'Maestros from the Vaults: The Elvis Collection' is due for release on July 16, 2012 on the Anvill label. 
Through a stunning collection of interwoven performance footage spanning throughout the Kings career; intimate interviews with some of Elvis’ closest confidantes, and the critical perceptions of a leading team of journalists and critics, we fill in every gap, highlight every awe-inspiring high and deal with the undeniable lows of this brilliant artist. Members of the Jordanaires; old hands of the road teams; Elvis experts; broadcasters and even wife of the late Col. Parker, Loanne Parker give their honest accounts of a great man consumed by his own fame.
This is the album that started it all, the ultimate candidate for the term classic. Featuring the talents of DJ Fontana on drums and the legendary Scotty Moore on guitar and the celebrated Jordanaires on backing vocals. The album Elvis Presley is the first LP to be recorded by Elvis and represents the undisputed defining moment of the rock 'n' roll era.
This is the independent and uncensored review of an all time classic, which includes immortal tracks such as Blue Suede Shoes, Money Honey, Blue Moon and Tutti Frutti.

(Source: FECC / YouTube / Zavvi)