Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19 - Uncovered, Repacked And Reclaimed

The Elvis Presley movie 'Frankie And Johnny' will be repacked and re-issued on August 7, 2012 in Europe. 

Linda Thompson Refutes Tabloid claim

Linda Thompson has today made a public statement on her official Facebook page which denies any and all claims as printed by the American tabloid The Globe  

Here is Linda' statement
"Trashy tabloids that spew vitriol and libelous misinformation should not be allowed to discredit individuals who have always made an effort to "take the high road"! IF I write my memoir, it will be about my entire life.Elvis was indeed a big part of my life's journey. I have ALWAYS spoken lovingly and kindly toward his memory, and would never violate the inherent trust he placed in me during our time together!

I have never capitalized on or exploited my intimate relationship with him! I have been  blessed to have enjoyed great success in my life without ever having done so! It is absurd to suggest I would be interested in a "tell all" book! I have lived my life with dignity, discretion, and decorum. I plan to continue representing myself in that same fashion! Thank you to all those who know me well enough to understand that. Love to you all!".

Elvis Uncovered

Sony Music Special Products released the CD 'Elvis Uncovered' in the U.S. The compilation CD comes with an eight page booklet.

The following appeared on the Billboard Catalog Album Charts (w/e 23rd June, 2012):
  • 'Elvis: The Very Best Of Love' selling some 1855 copies. Total sales to date: 274,015 copies.
  • 'An Afternoon In The Garden' selling some 1541 copies. Total sales to date: 472,390 copies.
  • 'Heart And Soul' selling some 1430 copies. Total sales to date: 562,929 copies.
  • 'The Essential Elvis' selling some 1055 copies. Total sales to date: 411,867 copies. As this is a 2CD album it counts for double sales under RIAA rules and therefore for their purposes has sold 823,734 copies.
(Source: Elvis Club Berlin / FECC / Linda Thompson)