Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14 - FTD Aloha Site

EPE silently added a mini-site to their website for the Follow That Dream Collector's label releases at
Elvis fans now have access to over a hundred of Elvis' rare song and movie collections on The new Follow That Dream database provides the complete FTD catalog featuring rare photos, movie trailers, posters, and more! 
Elvis fans can now search for the latest FTD releases all in one location on You can preview audio clips from the albums and view exclusive photos and video from Elvis' movies, concerts, and live performances. The database provides the entire FTD series broken down by decade, giving the ultimate collector a user-friendly tool to find their rare Elvis collection.
The Follow That Dream collector series is a program created by Sony that serves the dedicated collector. There are currently over 100 titles available with additional titles released four times a year. The titles include material ranging from multiple takes from studio sessions and previously unreleased concert recordings.
FTD releases also include Elvis' movie soundtracks with previously unreleased material as well as other deleted RCA titles that have been re-released exclusively on the FTD label. Also on occasion, FTD releases special book/CD combos.

Wall Street Journal Credits Elvis

The Wall Street Journal is crediting Elvis for giving Hawaiian shirts a boost in popularity in a recent article about designers trying new patterns.
In an article titled "When Designers Meddle With Hawaiian Shirts," the Wall Street Journal says, "The shirts got a celebrity boost after Elvis Presley sported one of designer Alfred Shanheen's Hawaiian shirts on the cover of the "Blue Hawaii" soundtrack." Hawaii was very important to Elvis both as a place to perform and as his own personal vacation destination. In January, Elvis fans will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Aloha from Hawaii in Honolulu. 

New Audio Book

This was posted on Marian's Facebook page:
"Hi everybody; news flash - I have finally, after many request, just completed an audio book about Elvis - fondest memories. It will be ready for the market on July 14th, there are three volumes and it will sell for $23.00 which includes s&h. They may be purchased from me direct - put out ProVideo - making ck payable to me and mailing to 784 Pecan Gardens Cl. East, Memphis, Tn. 38122. We are sending this notice out to get some idea as to how this will be received and I think you will like it. This is a cd. The title of this cd is "An evening with Marian" sharing fondest memories of Elvis Presley."

(Source: FECC / Wall Street Journal / EPE)